Hermes Hats??

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  1. Does anyone have any of their hats? I'm a hat girl and am tempted but would love to see them worn or hear about them....thanks!

  2. tried many on--very expensive and not worth it in my opinion...........
  3. Shoes, I'm a hat girl, too and I love Hermes hats! I haven't bought one (yet) but I always try them on in the store. I would seriously consider it for the winter.
  4. NS - not the canvas ones they have on the website? Actually I do have a cashmere hat now that you mention winter hats lol!! Did you do a reveal thread for your LV goodies btw??!!
  5. I did try one of the canvas hats and thought it was adorable! Don't remember the price, but loved the hat!

    Last night after DS fell asleep, I tried to take pix of my new loot. But, the cats apparently missed us while we were gone and wouldn't leave my side. I wasn't about to let the kitten tear holes in my new chiffon scarf (once bitten, you know) so I will try again when I get home from work today (hopefully the cats will be sleeping).:smile:
  6. new loot :nuts:

    i tried on several from F/W '06 and loved them, especially a dreamy russian style fur number. :heart:
  7. I have six hats and love them ( but I am a country dweller now )
    I use them often as I hate umbrellas ( and people that try to poke my eyes out with them)
    Motsch make Hats for Hermes
  8. ardneish - I have a Coach hat I wear in the rain as I too hate umbrellas! Interesting - will have to check them out IRL!
  9. Hi shoes - I have one summer hat that is sort of a leather/canvas combination and I am currently eyeing another one at my shop. I do also have a bunch of their knitted winter caps...
    I love the summer one for blocking the sun and for the beach etc... I did get it the canvas one on sale, but I by now I can justify almost any Hermes price, :graucho:. So I do think that I am going to buy the other hat on my next trip....In my opinion, they are quite well made and well fitted. I have looked for other hats in other stores and they failed to stay put on my head properly. You can always argue the price card, but I lost that argument with myself several years ago.
  10. They have a velvety bright orange one in the Charlotte store that I'm :heart: with :biggrin:
  11. Great info Mrsmorris -- will definitely check them out - I always try to keep the sun out of my eyes and off my face - don't want to age any quicker than I have to!
  12. oh goodness no. i'm already bad enough with their leather accessories. if you add hats to the mix (and trust me, i adore HATS), i might as well direct my whole paycheck to hermes!