Hermes hates Oprah, loves Janet

  1. oh lord......and I have to practically throw myself down and beg just to see a bag from the back room!

    I'm with you K....don't like either one.
  2. I don't think they like her any more than Oprah, but it was probably smart if they wanted to avoid the same scandal.
  3. I really don't think people in Europe are as crazy as they are in North America when it comes to celebrities. And I especially don't think that Hermes clientele would even care for her. All these people (Janet, Oprah, etc.) need a reality check and get their egos deflated!
  4. ^^ :yes:
  5. Wouldn't it be ironic if one of them were a much-loved member of our forum and we didn't even know it?
  6. ^Jenifer ~ That Is Hysterical!!!! :smile:
  7. :yes: I have a horrible fear that after picking on Lindsey Lohan, I'll find out she's like, you know, right here... I would just feel AWFUL! Anyway, back to regularly scheduled programming ...
  8. ^ Lol!!!!
  9. yes, i saw a clip of her shopping in Paris. the girl was looking at the dog accessories, picnic baskets:confused1: and seems to be REALLY drawn to fuschia & violet!

  10. Are you kidding?! :shocked: Have you seen the reaction when Michael J goes over there?! fact I think that's probably the only place in the world where his CDs get sold!:amuse: I'd have to admit, if I were a celebrity and I had the clout to have Hermes keep the store open for little ol' me....I'd jump at the chance!:yes: ....yess sirree bob!
  11. isnt that the general trend with celebrity shopping, i assumed one of their 'people' organizes the shops which are closed for them, they are made by reservation and in particularly high end stores they need to sign a contract saying they will spend at least the equivalent to what the store would regularly make in those hours it was closed for to the general public, did that make any sense, i heard it was around $10 000, (at hermes that would be easy) and if the celeb doesnt spend too much they are not likely to get any furture reservations with the stores/companies
  12. It could happen...

    Jerry Seinfeld is a member of a car forum my DH frequents...
  13. OK, which one of you is LiLo? Because I have a bone to pick with you.........