HERMES hard hat

  1. got something from FEDEX today. the NY address sounds familiar but we weren't expecting anything from anyone......but it got my heart racing a bit.

    :wtf: alas, it was just a HERMES hard hat reminding us that our local H store location is still up and running despite construction in the area. they dont need to send me a hard hat to remind me that! :p i have to admit it's cute. i might wear this thing if i need to fix anything in the house roof or something. :roflmfao:

  2. more pics :


  3. how cute..HEY I didn't get one! Guess I'm not VIP enough!!!:p;):tdown:
  4. omg sooo cute :lol::upsidedown:..
  5. Oh how cute is that, PazT! Now I want to run home and see if I got one! Kinda doubt it, but you never know...

    I'm thinking baby A would love playing with that in about a year or so.

    ETA: If moviegirl didn't get one, I for sure as heck didn't get one. Oh well, saved me a rush home on lunch hour!
  6. That is too cute, pazt!
  7. OMG, that is soooooo cute. I absolutely love it. One day, i'll be a Hermes customer, for now i'm still too scared to even go in a store...
  8. How cute. And hilarious. :lol: Now you have something for eBay if your birkin needs extra funding. :upsidedown:
  9. Now thats VIP treatment! Is it orange??
  10. ^^How funny! You know I think I remember someone posting a long time ago a hard hat on eBay from Hermes!
  11. PazT that hard hat is too cute! Thanks for sharing!
  12. yup, it is orange! not potiron but orange.....was going to have baby A wear it but it was still too big. maybe DH can model it later for action pics......i doubt he'll be anxious to do it. :nuts:
  13. Lol! Mr L just saw that and said " COOL, I'd love that!" :roflmfao:
  14. omg how cute is that?!
  15. So cute!

    Rivals the H moon cakes in Asia. :smile: