Hermes Handbags Shown At Paris Fashion Week For Spring 2007

  1. [​IMG]

    Paris Fashion Week show for Spring 2007 look like restyled Birkins, with the handles being on top of the bag, and a huge strappy feature added. I love how the models sported them all folded up, as if they're not really worth the $6,000 price-tag they no doubt carry.
  2. i like the cream with the lace throw -looks so chic -wonder what it is????
  3. Oh gosh - there's MY Medor clutch. Sniff, snifff...I love that bag!
  4. Thank you for the post PM!
  5. Ok - to each her own, but that folded Kelly does absolutely nothing for me. It kinda hurts...
  6. Am I the only one who doesn't get as to WHY you would fold an empty Kelly (or any bag for that matter)?:shrugs: (unless they are trying to show how to save some space in one's luggage when one is ready to travel)
  7. Your welcome Kelly :heart:
  8. LV_addict, I believe you're absolutely right...I see those folded Birkins as something to stash in one's luggage or travel bag and take to Europe ( or anywhere) use while there, and fold up and stash on the way back.

    Only thing is, I'd be worried my checked luggage would go astray with my lovely Birkin/Kelly all folded up inside....
  9. Thanks for the pictures.
    I agree with you both LVaddict & Isus re the folded Kelly - not sure I get it. A bit too much for the regal Kelly bag!
  10. i think the flat kelly is cool -- there's one in my future, i'm sure of it.

    guess i'm the only one over in this camp --oh, well -- more for me!
  11. Not keen on the folded Kellys but I do love that clutch.
  12. ^ yeah, baby!
  13. Don't get me wrong, I am not hating the bags (as a matter of fact, the leathers/colors look really yummy!!!). I am just trying to figure out if you would fold the bag once you put something in it or do you leave it unfolded (because if you do, it will look just like regular Kelly, right?).
  14. oh no, i'll have one too :drool: it might have to be my first hermès bag :graucho:
  15. Love the clutch!