Hermes handbag - Envelope design

  1. Hi, here is the second handbag. It's very new, but purchased years ago.
    handbagside.JPG handbagside2.JPG handbagclose.JPG handbagopen.JPG
  2. lovely and unique bags ,where do u shop from???
  3. Wow, again!!!
  4. Oooooooh!
  5. You're killing me here.
  6. OH,... how stunning!!!! I love this one. Is it box, looks box
  7. KC, you have such beautiful bags! I love the "muzzle" (haha), but I'm completely over the moon for the envelope bag here and the hold up. They have such beautiful, understated elegance. I guess that's why we all love H stuff so much.
  8. KC, love your collection! :love:
  9. oh so lovely!
  10. Yet, another beautiful bag!