Hermes Halter

  1. Hi.

    I've noticed a few Hermes ads lately that feature a lovely red leather horse halter. Does anyone know where I can find one of these? Hermes stores? It woudn't seem they would carry tack, but never having been inside one (:P) I wouldn't know for sure. Local tack shops carry Hermes saddles (I tried one, but a Butet was more suited for what I do) but I haven't seen other Hermes tack around here (Minnesota). Anyone know if the halters come in other colors besides red? Any online stores that carry Hermes tack besides saddles?

  2. I think the stores would have them. In SF they have a small equestian "section" with the crops, saddles, jackets, ect. Give your nearest H store a call! :flowers:
  3. Hi There, I believe you can call an H store and order equestrian items. They have a catalog that I've seen in the stores, but am guessing that you can call them and ask if you've seen an ad and are looking for a particular halter.

    I've yet to see a tack store with Hermes - we did look at their dressage saddles at H in NYC (my daughter rides showhack in the arabian circuit) but that was about the extent of my experience with their equestrian items.

    Hope this helps!
  4. my hermes equestrian source tells me that the red halter was just made for the ads -- i guess that's like runway items for a horse! there have been numerous requests, so the equestrian sales people are trying to convince paris to produce them for sale, but at the moment they are not available.
  5. Dressage queen, "runway items for a horse" just cracks me up.
    And nice answer to the OP's question.
  6. Thanks dressage queen. The halters are gorgeous - it would be perfect for when I start showing my OTTB next year.

    Thanks everyone else for your help.
  7. When I read the title of this thread I was thinking of those little halter tops made of scarves that are in the store right now.
  8. I've seen the halter in the ads and agree it's TDF!
  9. OOh I would love an Hermes halter for my Arabian! It would look so gorgeous on him!!
  10. ana bug, here are two of the halters hermes is producing now -- one is gray, blue and black chevron patterned canvas with leather, and the other all leather. the lead is canvas and leather to match the canvas/leather halter. they also make riding blankets and stable blankets out of this fabric, as well as bridles with the canvas on the browband and noseband. AND it comes in a rust, beige and potiron version with havana leather that is TDF . . . . like many things hermes these can be tough to get, and they're always back-ordered.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    edited to add: love your avi -- OTTB's rock!
  11. We have Arabians, too! Here's a pic of our boy DA Prism :yes::yes::yes:

  12. ME TOO!:P
  13. Nefarious...forgot to add...beautiful Arabian. Do you live on a ranch?

  14. Those are gorgeous - next time I'm in Chicago I'll check out the Hermes store and see about halters. I wish they would come in a brighter blue, like blue jean - our colors are light blue and dark brown.

    OTTBs are really wonderful - more of a gamble initially but you can really find a great horse for next to no money at all.
  15. No - but I feel that way sometimes with the way my daughter brings home "stray" animals :yes:

    We live in South Florida but keep our horses with a trainer about 4hrs north of here in Ocala. My daughter rides on the weekends and whenever she can during the week...