Hermes hair accessories

  1. I wonder if anyone owns Hermes hairsticks that made of natural horn? How long your hair should be to wear such things? Are they comfortable?
    I'm thinking about getting some although my hair is too short yet :girlsigh:They are so beautiful (hairsticks) with little H on the side.
  2. I don't have any of them, but I did recently see the clippy style (it looks like a horn scarf ring, but bigger, with a chopstick that goes through the middle) and it wasn't working with my hair. I have VERY thick hair with a good amount of texture, but it's only a little longer than shoulder length.
    These might not be the ones you are talking about though.
    If you mean hairsticks, as in sort of like chopsticks, those don't work on me either. I have a friend who has them and she's Asian so her hair is very glossy; they fall out all the time but she wears them anyway. LOL!
  3. I have this one--I wish they'd had the double H when I was in the store--now that I've seen that one here on the forum, I like it better! I find it very comfortable, and it stays pretty well, especially if I put my hair up while still a little damp. My hair is to the bottom of my shoulder blades.
  4. ***tangle*** I like this one on your picture.
    Thank you, guys, for the response.
  5. allaboutnice has a set of completely plain sticks - very beautiful.
  6. Tangle ~ I Love That Piece....So Beautiful!!!!
  7. Perja's got some too. I'd love to see if they'd stay in my hair.
  8. i have some -- one is like tangle's but with a different top, and i have a set of two plain ones with one natural horn and the other lacquered red. the plain ones don't hold my hair as well (because they're larger?), but the other can hold my mop up all day long. off to look for them now so i can take a pic for you, but in the meantime you can get an idea of my crazy hair in this:

  9. dressage queen would be nice to see them, of course. Thank you in advance. Your hair are waaay longer than mine.
  10. Hermes online has some hair accessories today. I am thinking about getting one of the Picabou hair picks for my daughter. There are three shown in this style but I do not see colors specified. She wears a lot of grey, and to me it looks like the middle one in the middle row could be grey.

    What do you think these colors are? Do the codes mean anything with respect to colors?