Hermes HAC

  1. How long is the wait list and where can get it fast?

  2. kisses, it depends on which part of the world you are in. HACs are easier to come by, technically speaking but if it's a specific colour/skin combo that you want, I find the wait can be as long as the wait for a Birkin.
  3. Call around doesn't hurt to ask!
  4. I was told by my SA that much fewer HACs are made compared to Birkins and hence, the stores will receive proportionately much lower numbers of HACs. Historically, many customers prefer the birkin (hence the waiting list blah blah) but that is changing as the HAC is gaining popularity (thanks in part to this forum). Usually, as least in Asia (ex Japan), you can see HACs on the shelves at Hermes stores. Birkin - virtually nil.
  5. hmmmmmm....well, if you want one really fast you might need to go the resell route.

    Otherwise, you take your chances at your local Hermes boutique.

    One good thing, HAC's don't sell off the shelves as fast as Birkins.....