Hermes HAC Reveal - 55 cm ...Plus a Question Regarding a Spa Treatment!

  1. A little background... I just started collecting vintage Hermes pieces. This size Haut a Courroies I have been eagerly searching for I would say for the past few months. I finally found a great price and condition and wanted to post my reveal. I am numb with excitement! The leather is vache natural, 55 cm in size with gold hardware. Vache and Barenia are my two favorite leathers, so this was a great find. It is 30-years old, but the condition really surprised me as I have seen vintage Hermes in much worse condition. The stitching and leather is completely in tact. There are some scratches, very few stains, but no tears or stitching that needs repair. The hardware shows wear as well. Love this one!

    I do have two questions for those who have collected similar pieces:

    • -Does Hermes still refurbish HAC of this size that are so old?
    • -And, does Hermes still make the Haut a Courroies, 50 cm as a special order?

    Thank you! Enjoy the pics! DSC-0441.JPG DSC-0447.JPG DSC-0440.JPG DSC-0438.JPG DSC-0449.JPG
  2. I don’t see why they wouldn’t work on her (or him!). They did some work on my K35 from the 1960s without any sort of fuss. From what I’m told the crafts-person didn’t want to send her back, and the store didn’t want to give her back to me either! So, take it in and see what they have to say!
  3. Congrats! What a pretty travel bag!
  4. Awesome. Thank you so much! I will visit and post the update.
  5. Gorgeous find! Enjoy!
  6. Wow! Gorgeous and in awesome condition for its age.
  7. Answer to 1 yes
    Answer to 2 no
    So restricted to 40cm stated on the order sheet
    However 50cm possible to under co request
  8. Congrats! Craftsmen enjoy working on vintage pieces and the SAs who know, always compliment them as well. They appreciate that you know Hermes history and I am blessed to have a few pieces. Good luck with ordering a 50cm. :heart:
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  9. It's a great find. No harm in getting it assessed.
    It would be great to see it too after spa.
    I would hang on to the original dust bag.
  10. Great! Congratulations!
  11. Does anyone use their 50, 55 or 60 cm HAC? Trying to see how this plausible, except when traveling by vehicle. The bag is so huge is swallows my 5'1" (156 cm), 125 lb. frame.
  12. Lovely bag.

    I sometimes use my travel Web Bolide 45 (though actually 46) for work or day out if I have a lot to carry, need a change of clothes or staying overnight somewhere (I'm almost 5" taller than you). I think any bigger and it'd look silly. I'm mostly in heavy boots too, I can't imagine what it'd look like with heels or delicate shoes. The Bolide, though mostly lined in leather, is also a lighter bag, I would hate to carry around a 50 + HAC around all day, even with nothing in it. Even a tall guy would find it difficult I'm sure. My advice is to keep it for travel.
  13. They are heavy bags even when empty and the firm wide base means they are likely to knock your legs.
    I use my 45 regularly for shopping and it is usually from the car; the handles are quite tall and I try to avoid squashing them down with the boot lid. As you are 5' 1" I would understand if you find it much more difficult to manage than, say, a LV Keepall.
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  14. yes H will service your gorgeous bag. I have a bag from 1952. they love to see the classics.

    50 cm HAC is still in production although I haven't seen it in VN or Barenia (there is a Bleu Nuit one at Madison now). You can SO it as a special request but to get one in a special leather would be slim odds.

    I can literally get inside a 55 cm....cannot imagine how I would carry it :P
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  15. this is such a gorgeous bag!!! I’ve been looking for a vintage HAC in 50 as travel bag for a while. Your bag is just so beautiful.