Hermes H Ring...........

  1. :yes: Yah she is so beautiful and I didn't want to take it off after I trying it in store. :shame:
  2. dou.dou - what a beautiful ring! It's looks very romantic.
  3. Thanks MiaT. I didn't notice it when I first saw it. Until the lovely SA took it out and suggested me to try it. It is really stunning when you put it on your finger. :drool:
  4. It is a stunning ring!!
  5. Truly beautiful--captures the elegance and simplicity of H.
  6. Lovely ring...have never seen it before...;)
  7. Your ring is so absolutely pretty Dou.dou!!!!! :faint::sweatdrop::faint:

    Hermesaholic: get one fast!!!!! :graucho:
  8. I love it! It´s so beautiful!
  9. anyone know the NAME of this ring?
  10. dou.dou:WOW!! That's a really beautiful ring.:nuts::nuts::nuts:Pepper said it well:elegant and simple.I'm in shock...:faint:
  11. This is very beautiful. If I keep looking I will want everything that is posted here.

  12. Holly Cow!! this is so pretty. I need this!!
  13. Wow!!!! So very BEAUTIFUL....
  14. dou.dou your ring is beautiful :love:

  15. So pretty and elegant. Looks lovely on your long slender fingers.