Hermes H Ring...........

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  1. I am in love with an Hermes Ring:yahoo:. Not sure of the name but it may be the H ring. Imagine a paper clip shape bent and curved around the finger then there is a bar across the top. Anyone know this ring? own it? in what?
  2. Have you checked the pictures in the Reference Section? Perhaps there's a picture of the ring you're enquiring about?
  3. let me go look!
  4. Also check - there are several rings on there!
  5. this:
  6. i want it sooooooooooooooooo bad-
  7. Wowsa!!!!
  8. ^^ That's very pretty! :tup: For its price, your SA will have to take your ring size and have one custom made for you.
  9. ...too bad they'll want $$$$ as well. That's some BLING right there!
  10. wonder how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Anyone know? There is one in yellow gold with brown diamonds as well.
  11. Hehe, this is my lovely Hermes Diamond Ring. I got this ring last Summer when I traveled in Hong Kong. I haven't see any same one in United States. But I was told there is a Gold one with diamond (2.75ct) in Vegas Hermes Store. The estimate price is $18K before tax.

  12. Here are two more pics for your reference


    SPG 036.jpg SPG 047.jpg
  13. ^^ dou dou, I noticed the diamonds at the sides are bigger, and separate from the rest of the pave diamonds. What a little surprise!
  14. Wow dou.dou the ring is GORGEOUS!!!!
  15. thanks dou.dou! i there any place to buy hermes jewelry and watches where you could get better prices?