Hermes H hours vs Passe Passe Watches ?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am confused need yr help to decide, coz both are lovely too.
    I need your advice which one is look better?
    Hermes H hours gold color with croc brown leather ( Medium size/ Boy size ) or Passe Passe with mother pearl and leather ( Ladies size and get additional leather) comes with white, black & red colors.

    Thanks so much for yr time.:heart:
  2. Passe Passe. You get 2 different looks with 2 different straps. One Croc and One Black Box Calf. And you can order more straps for it. Example more colours in Croc. It carries a reasonable price tag. Go for it!

    It is amazing how the strap is secured at the back. That turnkey is so artfully made and flushed into the back. Did you get to see how the strap is secured and removed? :graucho:
  3. My vote is for the Passe Passe. But, thats just my style. I am in LOVE with mine, I have the black & white bands. Now I think I may NEED the red!
  4. Here it is with the black strap​
  5. Sorry missed attach those pics.
    Here, I have post some pics of both watches.
    Unfortunately, there is no pic of Gold H hour croc leather ( Classic ).
    HH1-201-130-URM.jpg normal_Passe Passe.jpg
  6. Oh really, I didn't know there is avaiable for Croc leather for passe passe.
    My SA said for this moment only have standard leather, I forgot is it swift leather. Comes with a white, black & red are available.
    But if can get Croc leather, sounds great;)

    Thanks for sharing.
  7. ^^ Do check. Maybe it's Barenia + Black Box ... my memory is failing me. But yes, there is definitely croc. Maybe the croc is only with the diamond studded bezel ....

  8. Wow congratz for yr Passe passe, Its suit on U.
    Thanks for sharing.
    what did u choose for another additional strap?

    I saw Passe passe with white strap & free another black strap.
  9. From what I have been told croc isn't out yet, but its coming. You MAY be able to get it overseas.
  10. MrsS,
    Then what do u think about H gold hour with brown croc ( boy size/ Medium )?
  11. Thanks! I love it! Yes, mine came with both the white and black strap.
  12. flairforchic, what did u choose for the Passe Passe straps, beside of Black one?
  13. White​
    Photo  10.JPG
  14. Hmm..Yummy White..:tup: Looks Young & Femineity.
    Thanks for sharing too.
  15. I really like the brown strap you posted. Must get that and red...;)