Hermes "H" enamel bracelets

  1. Hey there I was in bal harbour and saw some really cool enamel bracelets with the H on it
    [​IMG]theres a picture of it

    i was wondering if anybody has one
  2. That's the wide clic clac. I have the narrow one in black... love it!

  3. do they have more bracelets like that?
    im a guy so i have a pretty big hand and cant fit into the regular enamel braceletes.
  4. i mean do they have like. things other than just the H on it?
    like mayby the regular enamel bracelets, just ones that dont slide on but that u can open up?
  5. Yes, I do think there is another bangle that opens up and a lot of leather bracelets too.
  6. i like the bangles a bit more than the leather ones.. although there was one leather one i really liked
    i forget the name of it
    it was on the hermes site off and on
    but it came with a black leather strap
    and an orange one
    and u cud change them with the silver hermes thing.
    it was cool
  7. Hizzle, there are lots of other clic clac designs in enamel, similar to the circular enamels (the ones that don't open), except half is enamel and half is metal. Here's an example on eBay:

  8. i like that =] exactly what i was thinking of
    how much do those run for
  9. I don't own one - I admit I love the all-enamel circular ones more than the enamel/metal, and I always get frustrated because the enamel stops and the metal starts! So I haven't bought one yet.

    I'm sure someone here has, however :p

    Maybe give the boutique a call tomorrow to see what they have! Or take a look through eBay and see if something grabs you. :heart:

    Let us know if you get one!
  10. Ohhh you're in Bal Harbour, I just love the shop there!
    Get Bernardo (or is it Bernando?), anyway, get him to help you! He's the best! I bought my enamel bracelet from him :smile:

  11. misskt its cute =]

    and i wish i was in bal harbour
    im in darn north carolina.. lol
    we were on vaca in boca and went over there.
    but i loved it
    the guy working there was really nice and helped me try it on.
    i dont recall his name though
  12. I have this bracelet too and I :heart: it!