Hermes H CLIC CLAC bracelets *

  1. Hi lala28! Love the Clic Clac in Tin!! What is the name of the bracelet in between both your H's & where is it from? It's so simple & nice!
  2. Vigee yes! I love greys and neutrals. Am tempted to get a PHW version. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...
  3. Very nice. I have it in orange, contemplating the black and gold now. Not sure if I want 1/2 inch or inch.
  4. loving my clic h more and more :smile:

  5. It's a David Yurman bangle :smile:
  6. Loving the pictures so much. Dotty do you know the difference in size between the GM and PM. This would be my first one so I want to get it right :smile:
  7. The PM is 65 mm in circumference and the GM size is slightly larger at 70 mm in circumference. Hope this helps!
  8. I saw a lady the other day with a gray clic clac and I said "I like your clic clac bracelet" and she looked at me like I had 2 heads, and goes .. thanks... Did she not know what I was talking about? Or just being rude?
  9. It really does. Thanks so much :tup:
  10. Stunning :cool: I have this exact color combination in narrow but this size is really tempting!!!
  11. Maybe she does not know the name of the bracelet like us?

  12. That would be so odd, right? I can understand not knowing the difference between a clic and clic clac.
    But not knowing the names of either?
  13. Maybe she got it as a present? And isn't into Hermes all that much.
  14. That's either a blessing or a curse! :smile:
  15. some new colors i found at the store :hbeat: