Hermes H CLIC CLAC bracelets *

  1. ^^^Beautiful!!! But be careful; they are highly addictive :graucho:!
  2. Pursesandpugs:

    I love this! Can I ask how much it was in the Oslo store?

    Did you see if they had any black Clic Clack with gold hardware?
  3. Thank you! Oh yes, they are addictive...I already want another one:nuts:

    Thank you:smile: This one costs NOK 4000 and the narrow version costs NOK 3700. I believe they had them in gold hw as well, but only a few were on display and they had the rest of the colors in a drawer so I did not get to see all of them.
  4. Hii ladies!
    I have a urgent question about a taupe clic clac. Can someone tell me what the official european name of this color is?
    Last week I went to the hermes store in amsterdam and my sa didn't know what the official name of this color was, so she couldn't check if this bracelet can be ordered. I said that it was a taupe color but she checked the color book and it wasn't listed there as taupe. :confused1:
    She did have another pretty color called Marron Glace:tender: I order this one with gold hardware in a pm size but I can't seen to get the taupe color out of my mind.
    So ladies help me decide which color should I get?
    btw it will be my first clic clac:yahoo:
    Pic I found on the internet of the taupe color


    Picture of the Marron Glace

  5. these are just TDF!!! lovely, lovely, lovely!!!
  6. fashionbimbo, it looks like etoupe. I saw it available on H website.;)
  7. My bf got me another clic clac in black for Christmas:smile:


    Here with the red one I bought a few weeks ago

  8. fashionbimbo - that looks like it might be etoupe. I am not sure because it looks darker than mine (could be the photo lighting). I have it with palladium hardware


    There is also a darker beige color as well (never was told the exact color name when I got it).


    Congrats on your second clic-clac, purses & pugs! They are extremely addictive!
    etoupebrace3.jpg beigegoldclic1.jpg
  9. Ranang, thank you very much! Yes, I can tell they are addictive;)
    Your collection is TDF!!
  10. Ranang, thanks sweetie for you response! I will tell my sa that I might be etoupe! Your collection is gorgeous!!:heart:3
    I'm just starting my hermes bracelet collection. I just got my first hermés bracelet a few weeks ago from by bf as a bithday present. He gave me the Kelly double tour and I'm hoping that this clic clac will be my second bracelet so fingers crossed!
  11. I am drooling over this one. Anyone know if this is still available? TIA

  12. I think this clic clac looks stunning

    I am so excited I have at last manage to track one down but with PH
    enabled by this thread :smile:

    Thankyou for posting all of the lovely photos.
  13. I am so excited that GM bracelets are available on My wrist is on the large size, so a PM would definitely not work.
    I have not seen any of these in person as I live 2 hours from an H boutique. But I ordered the Prune with palladium hardware, based on the lovely pictures in this thread.

    Thanks everyone!!

  14. Wow, Ranag, what a stunning collection. I just got my first Clic Clac - the XL in black on black with palladium. I see you have one as well...along with a few others!!:graucho:
  15. Congratulations:biggrin:

    I got mine too!
    I would like one with GH but am struggling to find another one in the UK
    are they becoming hard to find?

    Hermes bond street said they may have some more in but there not sure.

    Ranag your collection has to be the best ever:smile: