Hermes H CLIC CLAC bracelets *

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    mooks - That's the one you want... :graucho:

    Rouge / Red

    Ref. 700151fp03 - narrow, silver/palladium ($510)
    Ref. 300151fp03 - wide, silver/palladium ($540)
    Ref. 700151f03 - narrow, gold plated ($510)
    Ref. 300151f03 - wide, gold plated ($540)

    Pics from H website

    (I can't believe how different they made the pics look with silver vs gold... rather misleading... :sad: they are supposed to be exactly the same)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    700151fp03.jpg 300151fp03.jpg 700151f03.jpg 300151f03.jpg
  2. Framboise / Raspberry

    Ref. 700151FP61 - narrow, silver/palladium ($510)
    Ref. 300151FP61 - wide, silver/palladium ($540)
    Ref. 700151F61 - narrow, gold plated ($510)

    also see #15 in the Kallie Girl's pic (post 25)

    (I think they should call it Strawberry instead... but maybe I have to see it IRL)

    Pics from H website

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    700151FP61PM.jpg 300151FP61.jpg 700151F61PM.jpg
  3. Side by side pics of:

    Rouge / Red (03) versus Framboise / Raspberry (61)

    Pics from H webiste... not too perfect...
    (it makes me wonder if there are/were brushed silver clic clacs for women...? I know there are the ones for men...)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    700151fp03.jpg 700151FP61PM.jpg
  4. LeMonde, I have the Wide Framboise with PHW Clic-Clac.
    I have to say I think it looks more strawberry than raspberry in real life
  5. I wonder which color mine is? I thought it was vert anis but it's much lighter and softer than the VA pictured here....

  6. HC, beautiful Clic Clac. :smile:
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    As promised, my wonderful SA has taken a photo and labeled the colors for us.

    This first photo shows the colors with names.

    This photo was taken without flash and without names,
    so we could get a good view of what the colors look like:
    clic_clac_1.JPG clic_clac_2.JPG
  8. What a wonderful SA!!

    I wonder if mine is natural or marron glace

  9. Does anyone know if tomette is a new color? I tried one on at FSH that I was told was a new color and it was just a shade redder than orange.
  10. Color 17 is so yummy tx for posting
  11. Kallie Girl, you SA is fab!!
  12. HC - if you know the Reference number we can find out in no time; check the receipt, if you still have it.

    Hmmm... Ref. number? In your pic it looks like it has a hint of lilac? which IMO neither Natural nor Marron Glace has IRL...
    If the Ref. is 700151FP19 then it's Marron Glace.

    Wow, the Clic Clac Rainbow is expanding with every post! :nuts:
  13. I bought mine in Selfridges and they don't put the regular H ref numbers on the receipt, it's just a store receipt saying Hermes
  14. i want them all! :heart:
  15. I'm loving the mauve one