Hermes H CLIC CLAC bracelets *

  1. I have one and want more. I thought I bought a brown with PH but an SA informed it was actually vert olive. Here's a pic:

    I too would love a navy, a rouge, an orange, a Definitely also need to add the thicker size.

    Also, I have the med. Caleche enamel bangle in Cray. It's a beautiful color and looks amazing in the clic clac as well--I had a difficult time choosing between clic clac and enamel bangle would've loved both.
    clic clac.JPG
  2. rileygirl - Thanks for posting. I would have thought it was a shade of brown too LOL Nice Bling Bling btw :yes:

    Vert Olive

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    Curcuma / possibly Curry in English version

    Ref. 700151F63PM - narrow, gold plated, PM ($510)

    pic from H website, also see pic from KG post #25

  4. ^^ Oh that's curry? I thought that was gold on gold...:confused1:
  5. Marron Glace / possibly (glazed?) Chestnut in English

    Ref. 700151FP19PM - narrow, silver/palladium, PM ($510)

    Ref. 300151FP19PM - wide, silver/palladium, PM ($540)

    pics from H website, also post #25 by KG

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    700151FP19PM.jpg 300151FP19PM.jpg
  6. Is there enamel clic clac called GOLD out there?
    Maybe there are two similar shadows? Or maybe someone just called it 'gold' since it does look a bit gold-ish?

    The one on US website (Ref. 700151F63PM) is definitely Curcuma, confirmed with H representative :yes:
  7. rileygirl, Nice Clic Clac. :smile:

    Kallie Girl, your SA is such a sweetie!! :smile:
  8. i love clic clacs!! :smile:
  9. Even though it's ooooobvious I think it's worth adding with the Ref.number for future reference.
    In the pics on the website color 31 sometimes looks like 51 (while IRL the first one is Blanc/White and the other is Craie/Chalk).
    Just so you don't buy one thinking it's the other.

    Blanc / White

    Ref. 700151FP31 - narrow, silver/palladium, PM ($510)

    Pic from H website

  10. Great reference LeMonde! I often call them the wrong color names (and so do the SA's)!
  11. This one

  12. couple side by side pics from H website

    Don't just trust 'what you see or think you see' ;)
    If you're after a specific color make sure you know the Ref. number or proper color name.

    Blanc / White (700151FP31) & Craie / Chalk (700151FP51)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Craie / Chalk in wide and narrow (300151F51PM and 700151FP51)
    same color yet looks a bit different on the H website in wide vs. narrow

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Wide Craie/Chalk looks like it's Blanc/White and I bet someone would buy it thinking IT IS white
    (especially if you don't compare side by side)
    wide Craie/Chalk vs narrow Blanc/White

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    700151fp31.jpg 700151FP51PM.jpg 300151F51PM.jpg
  13. LeMonde, I always thought that white/blanc Clic Clac on
    the website was gray! Of course, my computer doesn't
    have the best resolution.
  14. I knooooooow, just the other day I was at Madison H and SA shows me a blue clic clac, I ask what color is it exactly, and he says Bleu Biaritz, and I say that it's impossible, so he goes to scan it and of course it turns out to be Bleu Fondement... (at least I think that's what he said/meant... I should have asked him to write it down for me :rolleyes:)

    That's why I started this thread, especially since we sometimes buy from stores out of state etc.

    Kallie Girl and her SA are helping out here tremendously (hugs for you KG!) but if anyone else could help a bit too... :cutesy:

    I already sent emails to H US and H UK asking to confirm colors of two reds (03 and 61), brown (60 which may be moka), light pink (05 probably rose dreagee), and orange (23 which is probably just orange lol).
  15. Wonderful thread. Thanks.