Hermes H CLIC CLAC bracelets *

  1. Oh LeMonde what are you doing to me??!!! I thought I was happy with my one clic-clac (pretty sure it's color #19, the darker red, J stamp purchased 2006) but now I want them ALL!
  2. If someone starts a permanent Clic Clac thread, I wish we could have some photos of them being worn in multiples or with other jewelry. The regular bangles don't fit me, but I love the way they look when stacked.
  3. me too. :girlsigh:

    They're actually a lot easier to "collect" than H bags, and easier to wear (for me) than H scarves!
  4. Trocadero, You read my mind. :smile: I'd love to see these
    stacked. Maybe two narrow Clic Clacs with a wide one
    in the middle - perfect with a plain turtleneck in the fall/winter. :smile:

    BlueGenes, The prices are pretty reasonable and the color
    choices are great! Clic Clacs are like potato chips, you can't
    just have one... ;)
  5. ^^^ So right! I've already put a red one on my Christmas list
  6. More than WELCOME :yes:

    I tried to concentrate on Clic Clacs' colors because I didn't want to duplicate the other thread devoted to the enamels in general (in the Reference section); unfortunately there are only four pages there so far...

    Plus that other thread is only meant for photos.
    So please feel free to post ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about Clic Clacs here if you wish. :yes:

    Once we get the Clic Clacs' colors sorted out we may even change the title of this thread to a more general one, e.g. "Anything & Everything about Hermes Clic Clac bracelets - pics, chat, etc." But for now, let's leave the title as it is, we still have a lot of 'work' to do LOL

    In the meantime here is a pic that you may enjoy:

  7. And here is another beautiful shot by our dear Kallie Girl posted at the Action thread. I know it's hard to take our eyes of that shawl and the Birkin but don't forget to look at the fab clic clacs combination :yes:

    It was said later on that these are Turquoise and Vert Anis.

  8. Thank you ms piggy !!! :hugs:
  9. Here is 700151FP01

    I guess another no brainer but as a 'classic' deserves to be listed too LOL

    Black / Noir, narrow, silver and palladium

    Pic from H website plus one of my own (stamped K)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    700151fp01.jpg 080822-060-chw.jpg
  10. I emailed the picture back to my SA and she filled in what she could. She said the display is changed now so she couldn't fill all in. She said she would take another picture on Monday and fill in the colors for us ... Here's what she did so far:

    click clac.JPG
  11. Yep, I had mis-typed it... those are indeed Turq. and VA. :tup:
  12. Kallie Girl, you look great. :smile:
  13. KG: you're SA is AWSOME!! :girlsigh:
  14. OMG!!! Kallie Girl !!! YOU and your SA are AMAAAAAAAAAZING !!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!! :flowers:

    If you PM me your SA's info I'll send her chocolates! And I'll send a box for you too!!! I don't want to ask for your private address but you could pick them up from her; unless you use PO Box?

    OH, this is soooo exciting! So many yummy colors and now we know what many of them are called!!! :yahoo:
    Calling my SA on Monday to look for Petrole so I can see it IRL asap... :nuts:
  15. Yeeeeees.... but WHICH RED ??? :graucho: