Hermes H CLIC CLAC bracelets *

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  1. Well, I thought that there'd be nothing easier than buying an H Clic Clac bracelet...
    I really wanted a dark blue one as some of you may know from my other thread.
    But no, no, no :nogood: It turns out that there is nothing simple when it comes to H colors - even with enamels!

    For example, did you know that there isn't 'just a dark blue' one out there... there is Bleu Gris, Bleu Biaritz, Bleu Roi (not exactly dark blue but not mid blue either), Bleu Fondement... A whole new world to discover LOL :smartass:

    Actually I'm kind of pleased... It means more FUN and more appreciation for H creativity... kind of... :roflmfao:

    I guess most of us don't know the OFFICIAL H COLOR of our Clic Clac bracelets... maybe some don't care but I'm sure some of us would like to know; just as we like to know the 'right names' for leathers, colors, scarves, bangles... Isn't it part of H addiction? :love:

    So let's solve this mystery together! Nobody else will do it...

    Maybe next time you're at H you could ask about one or two colors? However, make sure SA actually checks the correct name by scanning the bar code or item number etc. Otherwise (as it just happened to me at Madison the other day) you'll most probably get a wrong answer...

    Please also post pictures of your own Clic Clacs so we can build a nice reference database.

    Below is a photo with some examples - thanks to Kallie Girl and her wonderful SA :cutesy:

    What do you think?
    TIA :heart:


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  2. Note:

    Not all colors are represented in this pic but it's a start.

    9 & 14 are probably the same color and 2 & 19 look similar too...

    but 5 & 9 & 16 are definitely different (I had no idea there were different 'turquoise / sky blues')

  3. I looooooooooove this rainbow of clic-clacs!! :drool: so pretty!! I want more clic-clacs too... but I really need to pace out my purchases!!

    I'd love to stop by H stores to "help" find out color names... maybe buy a few, too, ha! I don't know the name of my pink clic-clac, but my green one is khaki... It's not represented in your pic :sad:
  4. I called H Customer Service and asked about couple of them.

    Number 1 looks like the 700151FP51PM on the website.

    I guess we'd call it 'light ivory' but I was told the official name is Chalk
    I wonder what's the official French name (maybe Craie?), will ask next time I'm at H store.

    Here's a pic from H website plus a pic of my own IRL
    (they look a bit different here but it's the same one and have the same web ID number)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  5. I think 15 is Frambroise. I have the thin one with PH
  6. Is it bad that I want one in each color:P
  7. ^ Perfectly normal Jag. So do I.
  8. BlueGenes - Khaki sounds fab! If you have a spare moment (LOL) pls indulge us with the pic :yes:

    hermesmonkey - Thank you! Frambroise suits this color like a glove. Would love to see a pic of yours too... :shame:
  9. Not bad at all... I'd like one in each color... AND both narrow and wide versions :nuts:
  10. I love a whole thread devoted to Clic Clacs!! :smile:

    LeMonde, I know you'll get your bracelet. :smile:
  11. BTW - it also may be a good idea to add info about the letters / year (since some colors may be discontinued).

    I'm assuming here that just like with the bags, the letters on the bracelets stand for the year...
    but I wonder, do they stand for the year the bracelet/color was first introduced or the year the particular bracelet was made... :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    Further, the letters are not encased in a square or a circle... I suppose this rule doesn't apply here?
    Otherwise my bracelets were made in 1955 :roflmfao:

    My Chalk clic clac is stamped K (2007) even though I bought it 06 / 2008.

    Oh my, ask ONE question and suddenly TEN more appear... :nuts:
  12. One more thing... :rolleyes:

    Clic Clac bracelets have assigned numbers that help to identify them,
    and part of these numbers stand for COLOR (two numbers after F or FP).


    300151F01 - Wide / Gold Plated / Black
    300151FP01 - Wide / Palladium / Black
    700151F01 - Narrow / Gold Plated / Black
    700151FP01 - Narrow / Palladium / Black

    It also seems that:
    300151 - stands for Wide
    700151 - stands for Narrow
    F - stands for Gold plated
    FP - stands for Silver and Palladium plated

    Some bracelets on the website also have PM added at the end of that ID number (e.g. 700151FP51PM). It makes sense to assume it's for the size PM but not sure why not all of them have it (since all clic clacs on the web are PM size)... maybe someone just 'skipped' it.
  13. #13 Aug 22, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2008
    OK, back to fun stuff :yes:

    I was told that the 700151FP57PM is called Turquoise (no brainer I guess lol)

    But now I'm dying to know the colors of #5 #8 #9 #14 #16, and I'm dying to HAVE #16 lol
    I'm not sure if #9 and #14 are the same... maybe... maybe not...

    Here's a pic from the website and it's exactly the same one that I got (stamped K).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  14. Yes, the official name of this colour is Craie. Mine has a K stamp, purchased yesterday. Understand that some of the colours are seasonal and hence limited, some are classics which would be made repeatedly.

  15. I love this thread! :smile:

    I've been seriously eyeing Clic Clacs for Christmas. :smile: