Hermes H bracelet

  1. Decided I must get myself one of these...only ones I've seen are on ebay and have silvertone. Is there a goldtone version? Also, CAN you buy a Hermes safely on ebay, what should I look for? I would *love* the orange color but that's so hard to find. Also, what is the retail?

    Thanks! I don't own any Hermes but maybe this would be a nice start :rolleyes:
  2. I think I saw some still available on the Hermes USA website today. That would probably be a safer bet.

    I'm not sure about goldtone, though
  3. Do you mean the clic-clac? If so, I have seen it in gold-tone at the boutique. I don't know about price differences, but the palladium, petite is $455 retail.
  4. Hi! Sure, they come in gold. You can buy them on ebay but Hermes will ship these bracelets right to your home. Just call your local store or we can help you if one of us sees one at our local boutique.
    We can look at an ebay auction if you post in the authentication thread. Also, the H website sells them. Can't remember the exact price - around $400 is my guess...
  5. Aw you guys are great - thank you! It's not the clic-clac but the actual "H" bracelet. Now there are different sizes? I need about 7" or less so is that the petite?

    Only reason I'm eyeing ebay is I'm hoping to get a slightly used auth one for about $200ish which is what they seem to be going for...kinda broke lol.
  6. The H bracelet is the clic clac or at least that's what the SA's call it. Here's a pix of mine - it was $455. You can get them on-line and they do come with gold. Shoes just got a red one with gold.
    H enamel bracelet 2.jpg
  7. that's definitely it!!! Thanks so much.
  8. Not a super great pic but you can see it a little! It is a little small I would say... I don't think my wrist is large and it fits nicely, but it's not a "bangle" for me....

  9. Mine isn't a bangle either. I love it - the H stays right in place.
    h bracelet arm.jpg
  10. And one thing I love is that the H isn't really obvious IMO - it is to those of us in the "know", but otherwise it just looks like some kind of clasp!
  11. you two are killing me here! I love it...I might have to settle for the red if I can't find the orange. I would love the orange/goldtone but am hoping to get it on ebay for less than retail, maybe slightly used...
  12. Get one!!!!;)
  13. I like this H bracelet also. I don't have one but have tried them on several times at the boutique ... I'm looking for white with palladium. Anyway, I have a tiny wrist and the small size is also not a bangle on me ... it just sits nicely and I love it!

    I hope you find yours soon.
  14. It comes in 2 different width. The ones shown above is the narrow version.
  15. I prefer the look of the wider bracelet. It's more like a cuff bracelet. I would love the silver and black enamel version!

    I think for the extra cost, I'd get it direct from Hermes online. I would be crushed if I ended up with a fake from eBay... it's one thing to pay a low price for a novelty or lookalike version, but another thing to pay almost Hermes prices and find out it's not genuine.