Hermes Guy Bags

  1. Hi, Im looking for a men's bag from hermes, what recommendations would you experts give ? :smile: Thank you
  2. I like the HAC for men, and they make great briefcases, too.
  3. I think the Valparaiso is very nice for a man.
  4. Every briefcase is to die for. Gorgeous leather and the lines are very masculine without being old fashioned.
  5. I think the valparaiso is nice too. But anything chic and fun looking?
  6. How about the Bonaventura?
  7. I think the evelyne is very nice for men. I had one evelyne GM in black.It´s very chic.
  8. I think men look good in the bigger verisons of the Birkin and Kelly.

    My dream bag is a Birkin 40cm in Rogue Vif Ostrich... maybe the color and leather aren't too masculine, but i think the size is! :P
  9. Does anyone remember the style "Tibet" and know if it is still made? This was a style that appealed to my DH a while back
  10. Where do we find pictures of these bags?
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