Hermes Gold: Birkin or Kelly

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  1. Yes they're so expensive! I got mine in Hermes Ginza sometime in March. I still see it in some Hermes websites (just not the US)
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  5. Thanks!
  6. Yes it does.
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  7. It is STUNNING! Never knew BV bear charm would work wonder on gold K. The strap also added some fun vibe. I saved the pic for future inspiration.
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  8. Yes they are expensive because they are hand made - skilled work and design.
  9. haha sooo clearly, we think gold works for both B and K...

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    Which is one of my favorite threads in the clubhouse :smile:

    Gold is the H color I own the most H handbags in (yes surprisingly I like H bags in their neutrals more than black, I'm sure I'm not the only one even if there are only like, 3 of us in the world...), so far I have gold K, Bolide, Garden Party, and SLGs and yes I wouldn’t mind adding B and Evelyne to that list!
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  11. I couldn't decide whether I liked gold better in a Birkin or a Kelly... So when presented with a remarkable opportunity for my birthday, I bought them both and consequently have moved far, far away to a rather crowded place called Ban Island. Before I took my one-way flight, I managed to take a few IMG_20191025_124643285.jpg IMG_20191025_124507888.jpg
    pictures. Both the Kelly and the Birkin in gold are divine...they bring me to tears with their individual beauty.
  12. Haha! Ban Island, the place where all naughty shoppers go. It's the adult version of time-out! haha. You're not alone, I'm on ban island too until the holidays are over. I need to book my return ticket in December because In January, I'm purchasing an Hermès bracelet! haha Is that a K28 or 25? Love the strap too. I wonder if they come in black and white?:confused1::angel:
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  13. Holleeeeee mollleeeee I am crazy envious right now! This pic is kinda exactly what I was after!! Lucky you, you can wear these forever!!
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  14. Thanks, the Kelly is a K28, the Birkin is a B30. The straps (on the H website now) are available in 13 different and quite fabulous colors..not that I am interested, just sayin'. LOL!!
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