Hermes Gold: Birkin or Kelly

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  1. hi everyone! thought i'd do an opinion thread on a topic I haven't seen yet.

    Do you think the Hermes gold colour looks better on a Birkin or a Kelly? No doubt it's a gorgeous colour overall and you can't go wrong with either! But sometimes, I think the relaxed nature of the gold colour + contrast stitching suits the more casual look of a Birkin slightly more.

    Not meant to give offense at all! Somewhat similarly, do you think certain colours are more suited to certain styles than others?
  2. I like it on both but think it pops slightly more in birkin due to the contrast stitch. There is more constraint stitch with a birkin than Kelly. The stitch is more dynamic looking in birkin due to the detail of the flap. That being said, it’s only evident when closed. If you wear with the flap tucked in then not so prevalent.
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  3. Yes, definitely gold looks better on Birkin because it is a more casual tote.
    I think the Kelly looks best in sellier, box leather or barenia is nice too
    In my personal opinion I find loud/bright colours look adorable on smaller bags (mini Kelly/Kelly cut/B25)
    Exotics also look better on smaller bags
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    It’s how you wear it. These bags/colors are classics because they can be worn many ways by people of style. A Kelly can be sporty and sexy in Gold. Depending on the strap and your clothes it could look:

    Crisp and preppy- Sangle Zig Zag strap, Navy blazer, white oxford shirt, penny loafers no socks, frayed-hem khakis, tortoise Wayfarers, great suntan, no makeup, husband’s striped bow tie from Yale tied on the handle.

    Warm and rich- Gold HW, low chignon, Creme cashmere sweater, Camel coat, wide-leg camel wool pants, brown suede booties, glove clip on the handle, caramel suede gloves.

    Sleek and modern- PHW, Black studded Carnaby Losange strap, Dark Golden Tan leather pants, slim black turtleneck, a sleek collarless black lambskin jacket, black kidskin gloves (or H red.)

    Gold is great on a Birkin also. The leather and size effect the mood but mostly it’s clothing and attitude. You can get all Horse & Hound-y plaid and outdoorsy with a Gold B or K filled with bourbon flasks and sandwiches hanging out in your Range Rover with your Labrador Retriever, or change the mood entirely at the beach with white pants, strappy flat sandals and bright, graphic twillies. You can carry either bag in any color In a prissy way or in a casual way.

    These threads always give me a laugh, as if there is an absolute definitive reachable by consensus. There’s no “bad” color or “best” leather or better size. Buy what you like and what works for your lifestyle. That will put you miles ahead because most people spend more time thinking about what everyone else thinks than what they like.
  5. Birkin... Hands down!
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  6. Birkin!

    A Gold Retourne Kelly is also yummy but not quite the same vibe. One combo that IMO doesn't work is Gold and mini K.
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  7. upload_2019-10-24_23-35-26.jpeg
    Kelly Gold Sellier for me
  8. I’ve never seen a gold mini, but I wonder why you think it would not work?
  9. Gorge strap! More info please. Cute Kelly btw!
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  10. I love this. Wish you were here to style me!
  11. Earlier this year some IGers have posted one. The color and the size don't make it as cute as others, but in general I prefer bright colors for K20.
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  12. It's an SO - gold kelly 28 sellier with Brushed GHW. The inside is in ebenne color :smile: the strap is an Hermes 105 cm one.
  13. Fab combo! These straps are total game changers for the H strap bags. I love the different looks you can create.
  14. i agree!
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  15. I checked online and they dont have this strap design anymore. I didn't realize that these straps were that expensive. More expensive than some of Hermès jewelry :amazed: