Hermes gloves

  1. Not sure if we've talked about these before, but does anyone have these? If so...approximate cost? I'm thinking a cute pr. of H gloves would be a perfect item for fall/winter.....and are the sizes pretty true?
  2. No pics, but I have tried them on. I find they run true to size and run around the $600 range, but of course price will vary according to style, leather, hardware, etc.
  3. Love, love, love H gloves! I tried on a few pair Shoes and I found they do run pretty true to size....they have a few different styles with the least expensive rolling in at around the high $400's and then up from there. The pair I loved were $650.00. Can't figure out why though....hmmmmm. Gonna have to ask Jose.....
  4. Oooh sounds good girls! I can imagine the colors and leathers must be soo nice...
  5. I find that H gloves are true-to-size, too.
  6. I find that they are true to size and oh-so-luscious.
  7. Thanks girls! It's been feeling a little chilly in the evenings here the past few nights and I love, love fall shopping!
  8. omg, Shoes....pretty soon the leaves will be turning! ....think cashmere stole.....cashmere stole.....cashmere stole....

    ...ok....I'll shut-up and stop enabling.......
  9. What are some of the occasions where the Hermes gloves will come in handy? I'm thinking of gloves as well but I have to make sure I'll use them or else it'll become another impulse buy.
  10. It has been getting a little chilly up in this neck of the woods, Shoes ..... and time to think about gloves and cashmere! Bluefly did have some gloves over the weekend, but people have raised questions about the authenticity of the merchandise there.
  11. When it is cold. :P

    I am going to get a pair of Hermes gloves this year. In late fall and winter I like to wear gloves when I am driving because my hands get so cold. (Even here in Georgia) Also, I just think they look nice and can really make an outfit. They look great in the winter with a simple skirt suit, add gloves and a cashmere wrap and you have a really elegant outfit. (Add a Kelly and WOW!!!) It is a shame people don't wear gloves more often. I was sick yesterday and had a mini movie marathon featuring Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, Charade and Breakfast at Tiffany's. I just loved how women in the 1950s and early 60s dressed. I love hats and gloves. I think I was born in the wrong time.
  12. dianagrace I hear you! I also love gloves and hats.....people look at me a bit strange but I do love to wear hats - summer/winter - makes no difference...and gloves are for anytime it's chilly around here too! Yes shopmom...cashmere stole...I'm a cashmere girl so that may make my "wish" list...although I must admit...I need to shorten that list lol! Did Bluefly have H gloves?
  13. They did over the weekend, Shoes - but I just checked and the choices are very limited tonight. And each appears to only be available in 8-8.5. Maybe after the NYC sale at the end of the month they'll have some additional merch. It seems that the H stuff popped up there just after the in-store sales.
  14. I want Hermès gloves!!! Also, the glove holder!!! Also, the cashmere shawl with leather fringes that I saw today!!! Also, a cashmere hat!!!!
  15. LaVan have you seen the gloves IRL? Can you describe styles if so? And a cashmere shawl - yes! Why can't we get discounts if we buy in bulk??!!!