Hermes Gloves. Help?

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  1. So i did a search, but there are just very sporadic posts about gloves.

    I've visited a few stores, but each store's selection is different. I don't like the men's gloves as they tend to be very...chunky, almost like gardening gloves.

    I'm a size 8/8.5 in women's gloves, but for some reason it's quite hard to find them in that size.

    i'm specifically looking for gloves that have a small metal H on them.

    Does anyone know if Hermes makes that size, 8.5? And if so, what are your favorite gloves? Do prefer cashmere lined it silk lined? i can't remember.

    Please share any knowledge and info, and pics of course!
  2. ^
    Thay do make these gloves for both men and women and I saw them on the sales in the size you are looking for so they deifinitely exist. For summer I prefer unlined gloves. For winter i depends on the climate you live in . Sometimes the silk lines ones are insufficient.
  3. I had a pair of unlined H leather gloves and ended up parting with them as I didn't like the smell of leather on my hands or the feel of raw leather inside.

    I wear an 8.5 too and have had no problems finding them. Best option is to ask your store to do a search for the ones you want
  4. I think they are casmere-lined? I prefere unlined ones - usually the first thing I do with gloves I cut the lining out.
    My favourites are the ones with a dangly little gold "bag" charm on each wrist, (a Kelly and a Constance I think)? (Don't have it, but hunting...:graucho:), also the lace-up ones with TohuBohu silk trim + lace. And those with the H-charms too!
  5. I think one of them is a kelly, not sure if the other is a constance?

    I like the ones with the normal H-charm.:heart:
  6. My favourites are the ones with the little padlock on. It took me forever to find a pair in the colour I wanted and my size
  7. Are the bag charm gloves from the current season? Would love as pair!!