Hermes Girls: What type luggage?

  1. I love my LV luggage but I won't check it and these days you pretty much have to check everything. I know you all appreciate quality and style SO what type of luggage do you carry (to compliment your Hermes...)?:s
  2. I'm hopeing to get a 50cm Birkin in the near future, or a Boilde
  3. My main check in luggage is Victorinox werks. I have an XL Longchamp le pliages that I carry on (which also serves as a 'jacket' for my Kelly when it has to travel through security).
  4. The rolls royce of luggage bags > Tumi
  5. Luggage is one of the many other things I don't go lux on. We use standard Atlantic and Victorinox luggage, and I carry essentials in my Birkin which is safely tucked away in its Les Pliages. Our airline has repeatedly destroyed zippers, yanked on handles, ruined corners, etc. An LV Pegase in the smallest size was on my wishlist until the liquid ban happened. :sad:
  6. I have the same problem, I do not check the LV, so I borrow for friends that do not care.

    Would love some ideas, I think just black will not attract a lot of attention.
  7. I like plain black or navy luggage (for checking in) that doesn't attract attention. Then for carry-ons, I take my large Les Pliages and a handbag or I'll just take my Birkin if my kids aren't with me.
  8. Black huge samsonite luggage to check in, birkin or HAC for carry-on.
  9. I use a small rolling suitcase from Target. :P I wouldn't want to worry about anything expensive. I do use my LV Damier Saleya as a carry-on because it can take a beating and still look perfect.
  10. just looking at my cases ready for NY:yahoo: ..I use a tumi wheelie for hand luggage and mandarin duck for luggage , i have a lv pegagse and roll bags but would only use them for trips in the car, am leaving my birkin at home and taking a prada messenger bag as want to keep my hands free for kids and shopping and fingers crossed i may find something in hermes in NY:yes:
  11. Samsonite for check-in (easy to care for, easy to replace when damaged) and some form of tote bag as a carry-on, as well as a laptop case.
  12. Longchamp suitcases and a 45cm Birkin as a carry-on.
  13. Large black bags for check-in...the Longchamp "jacket" will be making her debut as a birkin sleeve this weekend...
  14. I use Hartmann. It looks great after years of use, and goes well with Vuitton. :smile:
  15. Tumi for checked baggage and I don't know now for carry-on. It used to be a Tumi satchel which I loved but it's a little too big now for most airlines. Fabulous and squishable and perfect for under the :shrugs: