Hermes Gifts

  1. I think I am going to start saving up for next year so that I can buy my mom a Hermes scarf... :yes::yahoo:

    She has one that is rather large without the creases. (I'm sorry for butchering Hermes language... )

    And I was wondering if anyone knows on prices and can recommend anything else for my mother. :smile: I got her a LV wallet for her birthday before which made her very very happy so I hope to save up for something awesome.

    Any recommendations? (Price range 300-400)
  2. I love scarves as gifts! What about the Ulysee diary! Or even a Vision!!! They are really beautiful and can be a very personal gift! They are about $175 and up.

    Also, go check out luxury_zurich's website- they always have some great agendas for sale.
  3. Would she wear an enamel bracelet?...I adore my Hermes bracelets!
  4. another idea would be to give her the fragrance set that comes with a twilly, perfume, body cream etc. that's only about US $ 200+ and you can throw in an additional scarf if you'd like!
  5. I agree with the Ulysee, bracelet, or fragrance and also you can see a lot of the scarves on the Hermes website. I always go there to dream about future scarf purchases! :flowers:
  6. For a good idea of what you could give your mum, visit the Hermes website HERMÈS™ scarf, tie and fragrance and check out the different sections (make sure you also check the 'surprise' section). It also gives you a good idea on prices. You cannot go wrong with Hermes!
  7. Purexelegance, how lucky is your mum! My daughters are still very young (13 and 9) and they are already working out ways to get my humble Hermes collection AWAY from me. They're booking the scarves for later years when "Mum er um, you know, goes somewhere else."
    I hope you find something lovely for your mum.
  8. lolo - I do this to my mum now....and we used to do it to my nan before she "went somewhere else" worked, everything we put dibbs on, she gave to the right people!!! good ol' nan.......