Hermes Gift for Husband

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  1. My husband often gets me small Hermes gifts for special occasions (bracelets and scarves ect). He is getting a major promotion on the 30th and I was considering getting him an Hermes agenda. There is a really nice Hermes store by me, but I'd like to walk in prepared (as I'll be lugging 2 not always perfectly behaved kids w/ me).
    Can someone let me know what options Hermes has for men's agendas, price and price of refills. Any info you can provide would be much appreciated. TIA! :flowers:
  2. (when i read the title thread i was about to suggest an agenda lol) im in australia so the prices in america should differ substanstially (i know with lv its 25%-30% cheaper in Au$ straight to US$) i looked at the globe trotter agenda its like a book the way it opens and shuts i think the diary is in binder format, but you van also get a book instet (not 100% on that) they had it in croc and ostrich when i was there both expencive exotic leathers, the regular leather (not sure which one as this was well over 6 months ago) was $3000, the ostrich was $5000 and ofcourse the croc which was TDF was $9000, that was way overbugget so i went home empty handed, i know the croc is an arm and a leg but if this si a really imporatant time for you husband you should celebrate it nicely as it will be a centemental gift (so go for the luxurious croc) HTH
  3. That is a wonderful idea! I don't have knowledge on the agendas, but I love the idea for the gift. THat would be extra special.
  4. It depends on how your husband uses a agenda...if he needs it once in a while or if he has every day a lot of appointments that he rights down...for a medium to strong use i would suggest the Couverture Simple with Loop for pen in chevre (guess guys prefer black or brown, maybe burgundy) or of course and if available in natural Barenia (needs to have an understanding for leather)... if it is more an accessory the Couverture Simple PM is any leather, since it's not beeing used much - with or without loop...maybe he has a nice pen anyway. Crocodile would be the top to get (if buget allows it) - very elegant. If he needs it more like a "port document" i would take the Globe-Trotter GM Zip...he can store business cards etc in it as well...but needs a briefcase to carry it :smile: