Hermes gift card

  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but....
    In Oprah mag this month there was an article in which there were references to money saving strategies. They referenced a website where people sell and trade gift cards and store credits. The site is called plastic jungle Supposedly they guarantee all of their stuff. Anyway, someone there is selling an $1899 Hermes giftcard/credit for $1699.

    I've never used this site but it seems OK, I just thought someone here might be interested.
  2. Interesting! I didn´t know they had giftcards.
  3. Problem is Hermes Gift Cards are coded to the person's name so you will be asked for ID when using it to make sure it matches. If you buy it, you have to ensure the seller contacts Hermes to transfer the card to your name ahead of time.
  4. does anyone know if there's a minimum?
    i want to give a friend a $10 gift card hahaha
    as a "joke" for her birthday:wlae:...i will buy her a scarf ring though.

    inside joke