Hermes Garden Party Canvas

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'd like to get my first Hermes bag and have fallen in love with the canvas Garden Party (photo attached). Would this be an ideal first H bag?
    I would use it a few times a week, and would be careful because of the canvas. Would you consider this bag a long term investment?
    If its not an everyday bag then I may have to save up for a full leathered one.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. I personally prefer the canvas/leather version of GP. Reason being, it's much lighter for sure, I like the contrasting look of 2 different material and biggest reason for me is they will maintain their shape much longer than a full leather GP.
    A full leather GP, from what I've heard will loose its' shape very fast. Durability will depends on how one treat the bag. I've used my canvas/leather GP for traveling and had no problem with it.
    HTH. :smile:
  3. I just got mine, a 30cm Etoupe canvas, few days ago and I have been using it everyday since then. I think it is a great everyday bag.
  4. I have a canvas and while I don't use it as an everyday bag I do use as travel/beach bag. It has really gotten "beat up" in my travels, but still looks great and holds up very nicely. I don't baby it - spilled drink inside, some sunblock has leaked...but still a good tote that I continue to use. The only thing is that there has been minor fading & also starting to see a little wear on corners - but honestly considering all the hours it has been in the hot sun at beach or at pool (and at times getting splashed & a little wet), that's expected. In fact, I'm surprised that it has held up so nicely despite all of this. I would buy another.

    Honestly, I think the leather version looks better for a day bag, but if it's durability you desire, the canvas will be a great bag for you and hold up very well.

    Good luck, and congrats on your first H!!!!
  5. i wouldnt consider it an investment. but in my opinion the all leather version is more of a chameleon, as u can dress up or down with it. but for one thing it sa everyday bag, but all leather one looks really special IMO
  6. plus, dont wear it with denim. color transfer stinks!
  7. I've been very happy with my canvas/leather shoulder garden party. It's held up very well in warm humid weather.
  8. Love mine~let me show you pictures~these are reposts but you can dress this up or down. I think it is a great first Hermes and Magic Eraser gets stains off the canvas if you get any~
    IMG_2912.JPG IMG_2913.JPG IMG_2914.JPG IMG_2916.JPG
  9. And here is Reese with hers
    Reese Witherspoon Garden Party 1.jpg reese-witherspoon- hermes garden party 1.jpg reese.jpg
  10. Hello TankerToad, your GP is gorgeous! What size is it? PM (36cm) or MM (45cm)?

    Thank you!
  11. MM!
    Really such a useful bag. Thanks~
  12. I want this bag for work, it's so functional and practical. Another plus, those that are not familiar with Hermes won't judge me for carrying this as oppose to some looks I get when I carry some purses with more recognizable style or logos.
  13. Thanks for the replies and photos! Beautiful bag!

  14. Love this on you , I'm also thinking of getting one in grey canvas with black in the PM 36cm size .
    I've had an offer of half retail on a used one, and on closer scrutiny of photos I can make out some discolouration on the canvas , so I'm thinking this is unlikely to go with magic eraser ?
    I had thought I was grabbing a bargain , but now I'm thinking maybe I should go to Hermes and buy new. Cost of new isn't a problem, but I'm a dyed in the wool bargain hunter!

    My question for those who own this bag is , does minor discolouration on the canvas happen inevitably after a couple of months in which case I may as well go for a resale, or if one is moderately careful does it stay looking very clean for much longer .
    Thanks in advance for any advice
  15. Mine still looks new and it is several years old. I think you can find pristine or almost pristine resale or otherwise go new, the stains would make me crazy if I knew i did not make them :P

    I have had great luck with this reseller
    she has a few combos~you can always ask for more pictures or details if wither of these are what you had in mind?