Hermes garden party bag

  1. What is your opinion on using this bag as an everyday winter bag?
    I like it that is affordable, but afraid that the linen will be ruined soon..

    Garden Party Bag , unlined , 100% cotton linen, natural with brown leather, 14"l x 10.25"h x 6.5"w.
    Ref. 200151m01
  2. I have a 4 and a 2 year old, so at this time in my life I cannot do such light colored bags. In fact, I have never used a light colored bag.
  3. I don't know about the linen for winter, but I love it for fall/spring. Very cute!
  4. I live in Athens, so there is not much of a winter anyway.It rains less than 10-20 days a year.
    I like light colored clothes and bags for winter.
    I really don't know what to do with this bag.I really like it, but I'm also considering buying a more "adult" bag. I'd love a kelly. You think I better save?

    It also comes in black, baby blue and Hermes orange...
  5. I tried this on in a Cranberry and Indigo color also, Gorgeous!! Cranberry color is my favorite!
  6. I actually like that bag very much.

    Cranberry sound HAWT!
  7. ^^^ I love it! But I always seem to buy BLACK - LOL!!! Not sure I can pull it off ...
  8. If you only LIKE this but LOVE a Kelly, then why not save up for the Kelly?

    This one is quite nice, but the linen might get dirty pretty quick.
  9. ^ Good point... Thanks!
  10. If it's sunny all year 'round in Athens, I don't think it will look strange. It's a nice-looking bag, but for the price, you can get other designer bags with sumptuous leather and other luxuries...
  11. I like the garden party. However, In your case I would save up for the Kelly. I have a smaller garden party and I love it, but there is nothing like having a gorgeous Kelly. i think you would enjoy it more.
  12. Save for the Kelly - you can get the Garden Party later - maybe Hermes will bring it out in different colors.
  13. In that case, I love it! I didn't look at your location and I'm judging by a Wisconsin winter:shame: I say go for it!:yahoo:
  14. i have the exact garden party bag that you have posted and i live in asia where it is summer all year.

    that was my 1st h bag, although now i have a kelly, birkin and picotin, i still reach for my garden party quite a bit. it's very light, compared to the all leather bags and easy to carry (open top) and low profile.

    the toile is more hardy than you think, i'm not very careful with my bags and it hasn't gotten really dirty yet. if i do get a stain, i just wash the toile part with fabric cleaner and it has worked well thus far

    but if you wear a lot of dark denim or have young children, it's probably not a good idea to get the light colored toile ones.