Hermes fun on YouTube (not fakes being made)

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  1. FUN!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    I was wondering who that woman in that HIppie look was and why she was photographed so often until I realized it's Jane Birkin (sans Birkin!)
    I am just amazed that people aren't carrying more H bags to an H show?
  2. Thanks CB!!
  3. thanks
  4. my thoughts exactly...I thought i would see tons of fur, gowns, blings and at least 5 dozens of birkins.

    Thank you for the clips, CobaltBlu.
  5. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  6. ^^I am glad you liked them. I love seeing the detalis on the bicycle!!
  7. Thank you, CobaltBlu for the links. I actually viewed them yesterday but forgot to say Thank You!

    hello, like you I was wondering who the lady was. But when she smiled, it became clear.
  8. Thanks CB! Love the arrivals.