Hermes Fuchsia Ostrich!

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  1. don't you have a paper due young lady!?

    p.s. it's gorgeous!
  2. ^^^you should definitely get it :biggrin: Then post pics!

    I am heading to the mall in a couple of hours and can't really stand the thought of purchasing something that doesn't come in that bag. Standards are forever changed, and now the birkin and kelly are the only bags on my list. Its weird, I'd feel cheated or something if I got something else. This sounds really silly, but its true. Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels like that :lol:

  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: *hangs head in shame* sure do:cry:
  4. I know! I've lost almost all interest in other brands. It's weird though. I've begun to think of others has "too expensive" and that I'd rather get something from Hermes if I were to spend that kind of money. Haha!!
  5. ^^^:lol: I've started thinking almost the same...except mine is more...why am I going to buy a bunch of cheap items when I get just buy something from Hermes lol.
  6. Haha! I think of other brands as not worth the money and that I'd rather just get something Hermes. God my mom's gonna kill me! :lol:

  7. Mine too, when she gets the bill for my birkin :lol:
  8. congrats on the hermes noriko! the color is gorgeous and i love the leather!
  9. ooo that's so pretty i love the color!!
  10. I'm the same way. I've decided to buy far fewer bags from now on, but all or most from Hermes. These are heriloom bags and one day my daughter will carry them.

  11. Totally agree :biggrin: If only I had someone to pass on my collection to :lol: It'll probably end up going to my little sister since I have no children and don't plan on any:biggrin:
  12. Hi Noriko. Thanks so much for replying about the catalogue. It sounds great -- the croc birkin sounds amazing! (I guess you've figured out that I love croc birkins by now! Not that I'd really reject other birkins...). Wish I could get a copy of that.. (sigh...)
    Maybe I can get to Hermes, at some point -- but there isn't one in my own city.
  13. Noriko- the agenda is gorgeous! I don't know if you've ever checked the website out but they carry some barely used Birkins and Kellys. There is one that has the following description and is $9500:

    Measurements32cmSkuHermes 32cm Chevre Cyclamen BirkinPrice$9,500

    Maybe it would match your agenda?
  14. ^^^thanks for the headsup! I think for $10,000 I'd rather just spend the extra $5000 and get an ostrich birkin straight from the boutique :biggrin: It is really beautiful though! I love the cyclamen color! That planner was a close second when I was shopping around for one :love:
  15. It's very pretty! Congrats!!!