Hermes Fuchsia Ostrich!

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  1. Oh, one more thing, Hermes is known for being one of the only Handbag ateliers that pounds the quill holes down flat and smooth. I love that they do everything so perfectly. All the fake H ostrich bags have raised bumps all over them. Yours IS perfection!
  2. ^^^I agree about the process for making the ostrich :biggrin: I am so glad that they took the time to perfect the process so I would have this beautiful agenda :love: I want the matching birkin to this one. Someone has it on ebay damn it...but I don't trust ebay!

    Thank you for the compliments everyone! I am also looking forward to my next Hermes purchase. Hopefully its a birkin, but if not I'll probably get desperate if I see a bicolor Kelly too :love: Greentea is so right about not being able to go back after the ORANGE BOX!

    Coco-nut, I'll make sure to let you know when Nori's Consignment opens :lol: ;)

    melisande, there was some pretty nice stuff in there. Its a rather large catelog and I haven't seen it all yet, but there is an awesome croc birkin! :biggrin:
  3. Wow !!! Im loving the colour, are you going to keep the shopping bag ? LOL
  4. Wow... GORGEOUS! I would love an agenda like that. I am holding off on the orange bag until I really can afford it, because I know my standards will be raised up that much more once I own something from Hermes!

    Beautiful! congrats!!
  5. ^^^They will! I don't think I'll be able to go into LV today without thinking in my head...I should be buying a Birkin or Kelly instead :lol: I guess thats part of the fun though, hunting for the right one, it keeps me at the boutique 3-4x a week lol, I might as well live/work there.

    Prada, my best guy friend will probably want to steal the shopping bag...whenever we go shopping he'll go out of his way to ask for an extra bag :lol:
  6. WOW!! Finally and it's a great choice and it's just beautiful!!:love: :love: :love: ! I love the color and everything else in this agenda!! CONGRATS!!!! NORIKO! Enjoy you gorgeous agenda!:biggrin:
  7. gorgeous agenda. oooooh that color! i love it!!!!
  8. Noriko, I hear you about ebay. But, if you ever get the itch, I do personally know some wonderful Hermes resellers (who are also poupette sellers) who I would recommend 100% for authentic bags, but you know about the markup. EEK!
    I'd rather stalk the store!
  9. Congrats! It's gorgeous, and I love the color!
  10. Greentea, please make a thread about this! I don't know whom to trust!
  11. I'll just start here and maybe make a thread later.
    Definitely trust:
    Creaturesdeluxe (sp?) hehe

    Like I said, some of these sellers use a network of people who get on waiting lists - huge markup. Other just get lucky and buy and sell bags from their own closets. I know a few personally.
  12. If you like, I can also post some examples of fake and real Birkins. This is always a fun game to play! :smile:
  13. Oh Please make a thread in the Handbag forum! Everyone loves pictures!
  14. Sure thing but I really need to workout now (dang treadmill is calling!!) if my kiddos cooperate later I'll post some examples of real and fake Birkin auctions. I peruse these almost daily and there are plenty of examples of both. :smile:

    BTW, I LOVE that coconut purse in your avatar!!
  15. Noriko! I LOVE the agenda!! It's beyond cute!! And yes, I agree, once you hold a Hermes orange bag, your standards are definitely different. The only thing I have from them are a pair of their signature stud earrings in silver. I LOVE THEM! And now I can't shop anywhere else because I want the orange bag!! And as I said, the Hermes SAs are super nice and gave my friend a jumbo orange bag to carry her shopping (haha, she was holding a plastic bag from a dept. store and they asked if she wanted a bag to carry that when I went to pay). I now want the matching bangle and ring. AAHHH!