Hermes Fsh Spa Gave Me A Dirty Birkin

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  1. :tdown::cursing::cursing:

    SO mad!!!!!!
    My Jaune birkin has been at the FSH spa for one month now- to get it back today DIRTY. it looks exactly the same..even some candy wrapper was left in the pocket(ok I admit it was mine) but it was completly the SAME way I gave it to them. My PA was so mad and complained when he picked it up- they said this is the best they could do- he refused to pay the 150 euros and they agreed,,,now i my birkin is still dirty.....WHAT SHOULD I DO? WHO SHOULD I COMPLAIN TO? THIS IS CRAZZZY...
  2. they don't clean the inside.....just the outside.
  3. ^^ They always condition the inside of my bags, and make sure that the stitches, zipper, etc are in good working order.
  4. SO what do I do? My PA talked the manager and he told him that that is the best they could do...but the navy stains (from my jacket) as well as the "smily"face is still there...i mean a bag is gone for a month and this is what I get? a better job could have been done at any leather store..this is spend so much for each bag you expect service! Im so mad

  5. whats a PA? the smiley faces are permanent. perhaps the stains are too?
  6. What kind of leather is it? Do you have before and after pics?
  7. personal assistant- I just have an after pic..well i dont but i can take confused about the leather...maybe chevre?
  8. Each time I drop of something with the crafstman I discuss the bag. (I am too anal to let someone else handle this for me.) I am told by the craftsman, what they can and what they cannot do. They also inspect the bag in my prescence.

    I have been told that a bag didn't need any service, but this was done with a smile.

    I don't know what you can do. I would talk it over with my SA. The candy wrapper being left inside is odd.

    Do you know exactly what was said to and by your PA?
  9. Sukkar, if you could please post it. Was the bag sent to Paris or was it cleaned at your local H?

  10. i hate to say this but i think its a little discourteous to leave your garbage in the bag to begin with. i mean they are being paid to re-furbish your bag but that doesnt mean thowing away trash. maybe the wrapper was left in there to make a point?
  11. Are you sure they even did anything, could you have ben misinformed as to the bag being completed?

    The stain should be able to be removed I would think...
  12. hermesaholic, lol, easy mistake to make, I wouldn't think anyone would judge you to be discourteous just because you mistakenly forgot a candy wrapper in the bag.
  13. discourtious? I think they are being discourtious by not removing it. I paid thousands for a bag- and was going to pay ontop of that to get it think i left it there on purpose?? i forgot about it. I am supposed to clean it before I send it to be cleaned? thats crazy. MAKING A POINT? leaving a clear candy wrapper happens. Its MY bag. I can do anything i want with it. Hermes has no right to tell me what i can and cant leave in my bag. I did not trash my bag and give it to them to clean. but i would assume if they found an old wrapper,tissue,whatever, they would clean it, its not much, imagine taking your car for a wash and they give it back to you without cleaning the ashtrays? are u supposed to clean it out too?

    Its very odd. It was sent to the FSH store in paris.
    here is picture of of the smiley..i tried to take3 pics of the marks from my jacket on the back but it doesnt show in the pictures.
    btw, can anyone confirm this is chevre? or some time of bull? its the slouchiest hermes bag I have.(i do not know the leather because it was given to me as a gift)

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  14. Pls check your pm

  15. smileys generally are permanent as its the lock wearing the grain down.--it looks like clemence from the picture.
    as for the candy wrapper --everyone has different ideas about service and the things as we are discussing. would you leave a tissue you had blown your nose into? I didnt say they should be or were rude to you b/c of the wrapper .........i was trying to speculate on the circumstances of an ODD story as it pertains to Hermes. I have two close friends who work at Hermes (no SA's I am friendly with) they tell me horror stories about how they and other staff are often treated...........a candy wrapper is not such a big deal but we dont necessarily know the whole picture.
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