hermes from hawaii

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  1. I just went to the store outside of the Royal Hawaiian not inside the Ala Moana Mall, and I bought this bracelet, I was told is a new design. They have the birkin, the kelly and this design the one I bought. They also have two really nice silver necklaces, I saw them after I asked for the lime chain, which I learned of through another post and was told that they didn't have it but that these were similar. One was thin and the other was thick like a rope design and both were under $200, they also had silver rings with a dangling purse for under $500.
    Photo 8.jpg Photo 11.jpg Photo 9.jpg
  2. How adorable!!!! Isnt it great that they are open so late, LOL!!!
    aloha!!!! and congratulations.

    thanks for sharing!
  3. Cute choices - thankx for the pics.
  4. Adorable!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Very cute! And a great price too!
  6. Congrats! I think they are so cute.:smile:
    I have to ask, did they have any birkin bag out?
  7. no, I didn't see any but maybe the one in the ala moana mall. They have other bags but no birkins or kelly, that I saw.
  8. check in the regular hermes post, someone bought some birkins from Hawaii, sorry they do have them, I just didn't see,
  9. Congrats!