Hermes Fragrances?

  1. Do we talk about this here? I was wondering if anyone here has tried the Elixer des Merveilles versus the Eau des Merveilles and, if so, can you explain the difference between the two. Also, what are your thoughts on the "traditional" orange bottles versus the special edition bottles, such as the constellation:
    Eau des Merveilles.jpeg Constellation bottle.jpeg
  2. I have always wanted to know the difference too.I do know that the parfum is much stronger of course.but I don't understand what elixer means?
  3. I do like the different types of bottles:yes:
  4. I want to know, too!! I use Eau des Merveilles and love it.
  5. Yipes! I misspelled it! That should say Elixir. Ugh! :shame:
  6. I don't know the difference but I LOVE the smell of Eau des merveilles :heart: And the bottle is tdf! :nuts:
  7. OK...I am not the one to really ask, but I own the Elixir. I LOVE IT! If I had to answer I would tell you that the Elixir is a bit stronger. I believe it may have a higher level of perfume percentage-wise. I had investigated myself before purchase.

    If you are not fond of strong scents, then you may want to pass.
  8. One thing I just remembered...

    Member "Frenchiefan" is a specialist when it comes to fragrance and I remember reading that in a thread somewhere. Maybe she will comment, but if not you should pm her and ask.
  9. Is the Constellation version the same fragrance, just in a different bottle?
  10. ET...I think the Constellation is the same as Eau des Merveilles (someone, correct me if I am wrong) fragrance, but just in a limited edition bottle. As far as I know, it is not the elixir or same as the elixir. The elixir comes in only one bottle type. Again, someone please confirm.

    I would also like to add that the Elixir has great staying power, if anyone wanted to know. It may come off strong at first spritz, but as it dries down it is lovely and stays quite a long while.
  11. Is the elixer considered the strongest? Is there a parfum or is the elixer actually the parfum?
  12. :tender:There is a parfume.It is wonderful but strong
  13. I have the Elixir on the way, but if the Eau is different I might go ahead and order that, too! They both sound good!
  14. Yup, you are correct, kellybag! I discussed this recently with my SA and settled on a bottle of the it!
  15. Thank you harleyNemma for confirming this! I was pretty sure, but now I feel much better.