Hermes for men - my collection

  1. This is such a great site! I'm spending so much (quality) time browsing through all the nice photos and discussions.

    I thought I'd share with you all some photos of my Hermes purchases - from a guy's perspective.

    The first two photos are of the new acapulco travel bag I bought (just a few hours ago) from the Hermes store in Marina Mirage (Gold Coast, Australia). I've only seen them in the catalogues/online in brown and black; and so when I saw them in this lovely orange :nuts: , I had to have it! :yahoo:

    I also bought a Hermes clipper watch with red rubber (see 3rd picture) in May this year in the Sydney store (in the old location). I looked everywhere for this colour (I looked in at least 6 different Hermes shops in Asia and Australia and had no luck until I found it in Sydney).

    The second last picture is a pair of Hermes sneakers in white leather and red swede (you can see I'm obsessed with red!) I saw these in the shop windows in Melbourne and "had to have them". :P

    The last picture is one of those orange phone straps - very cool!

    I don't know why I love Hermes so's just so incredibly nice!

    Hope you enjoy the photos! :yes:
    Acapulco 1.JPG Acapulco 2.JPG Red Clipper.jpg Hermes sneakers.JPG hermes phone strap.jpg
  2. Ohhh and this is the picture of the acapulco bag in the Hermes shop front :smile:

    It certainly caught my eye! :wtf:

    Ohhh and, you can see a photo of my red clipper on page 16 of the latest issue of Le Monde D'Hermes. :P
    Acapulco window.JPG
  3. wow..nice...!!:nuts:
  4. Very nice collection! Especially love the watch and sneakers! :yes:
  5. Nice collection! LOVELOVELOVE the Clipper! Great watch!
  6. Great looking pieces, Titan.....I love the rouges too....that watch is a standout!
  7. Thanks for sharing, Titan. It's great to hear things from a man's point of view.
  8. ^^REALLY, I love everything you HAVE!! Very NICE and Stylish!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures! Congratulations on your most recent purchase!:yahoo:
  9. Titan...amazing collection you have :love: I especially love the clipper. Congratulations and welcome!
  10. titan, thanks for sharing all your H goodies.
    love that red clipper!
  11. What a stylish collection! I'd love to get DH that gorgeous watch.....
  12. Glad you found the board!! Gorgeous bag- and I love those shoes!!
  13. Awesome H collection!!! Welcome to the PF!
  14. Very nice Hermes purchases!!:jammin: Love them & thanks for sharing!:yes:
  15. Great collection Titan! Welcome!
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