Hermes for less than 2 grand, is it possible?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post. I have been interested in buying Hermes, but need help. I would like to take baby steps towards the ultimate Birkin. Any suggestions for a wonderful Hermes shoulder bag that is not thousands of dollars? Thank you for any advice.

  2. Californiahotty, Welcome!

    The Berlingot comes to the smaller size. Picotin ( not a shoulder bag ) but a fabulous tote style.

    I don't know the cost of the Evelyne PM but it's a wonderful messenger/shoulder Hermes.

    I enjoy looking at the Luxury Zurich site ( these guys are tPF members too!) as they often have shoulder and tote bags, some very lightly used, for under 2K.

    The Trim runs, what now....$3K or so? It's been awhile since I priced one but the Trim is a wonderful shoulder bag and I highly recommend it. It's a full fledged Hermes size bag, convenient, holds a lot, sits nicely on the shoulder, and is not as expensive as the Kelly/Birkin styles.

    Here are some Trim pics.....
    1bluetrim.JPG 1babytrimpotiron.jpg
  3. Welcome to Hermes subforum!!! Glad you joined us!

    Ok, there are many bags to look at, such as the Garden Party, the Trim, and the Evelyne. I think all three of those styles are in the price range you are thinking of. You can also check out Luxury Zurich's website (we love those boys around here). There are quite a few bags that you might be interested in that are under or around $2K.

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  4. Welcome!!! My 2 Hermes bags were both under $2000. The Picotin PM (handheld) was about $1625 and the Evelyne PM (great shoulder bag) was $1675. :flowers:
    picotin4.jpg eveavatar.jpg
  5. I feel another Evelyne groupie coming on.......
  6. I was going to suggest a Picotin. Great, functional bag!!
  7. You guys are so nice! Thank you for the suggestions and pictures. I will post pictures once the "deed is done". :smile: One more quick question. Is the Bolide (sp)? one that I could find under 2,000? Again many thanks!

  8. It's impossible to find a new Bolide in any size or any leather for under $2000, but I found a wonderful used one on eBay for $1700. I snapped her up in a moment!

    But I never would have had the confidence to buy such a wonderful bag, sight unseen, without all of the knowledge that I gained from reading threads here on the Purse Forum. Keep reading, keep watching, and have LOTS of fun!
  9. The Bolide starts at around $5000. $4500 for the Web II Bolide. :flowers:
  10. I saw a few threads mentioning recommended sellers and think I may try my luck on eBay. I will post in the authenticate threads to make sure they look good. Is the Bolide regarded as a much less desirable Hermes to the Birkin, since the price is so much less?????:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  11. Not to those of us who are obsessing over the Bolide!!! (Check out the Ode to the Bolide thread!) ;)
    I think the price reflects the craftsperson's time required to make the bag...and the Birkin is very, very in demand.
  12. The Birkin is always the most "desirable" because it's the hardest to get and most rare.
    The Bolide is actually more steeped in history(first bag ever with a zipper) and if you many Hermes SAs, they will often prefer the Bolide to the Birkin.
  13. :yes: Love the history of the Bolide!
  14. Thanks again for all the tips and taking time to help me! Wonderful support system of handbag addicts!:love:
  15. Good Luck Cali!

    I have a Birkin, Kelly & Bolide, and my Bolide is my favourite!!

    An Evelyne would be divine!! Let us know how you go!!