Hermes for any age !

  1. I introduce you the new super-model!:yes:
    Michelle, my daughter. 6 months old:girlsigh: Boy, oh,boy , she shure looks good in Orange.

    Girls, lets share the pictures of our little treasures !
  2. here she is
    MVC-018S.JPG MVC-010S.JPG MVC-011S.JPG
  3. She's adorable, can't start young enough for Hermes!
  4. Gorgeous baby, gorgeous scarf!!
    Michelle is darling.
  5. OMG, what a face! She is so beautiful!
  6. Ohh she looks so cute in that!
    I think she knows she look fantastic
  7. kisses to Michelle...she's soooo cute and looks fabulous in Orange!! xoxo
  8. I love it!! Hermes in training!! gorgeous child:tender:
  9. :tender:adorable!
  10. She is rocking that scarf!
  11. Baby in a Birkin! I love it. She's adorable.
  12. :tender:AWWWW!!!! Adorable! :tender:
  13. berkeley, what a cutie your daughter is! :smile:
  14. What a beautiful girl! She sure made me smile this morning. Thanks so much for sharing these pics.
  15. she needs to model for us more often. She is so sweet