Hermes for a Wedding present?

  1. Anything good as a wedding present (not ashtray though) under $300? I'm asking the forum so my SA doesn't laugh at me! :shame: At least I can't "see" whether anyone's laughing on-line!
  2. Maybe you have the "Serviette de plage" in sponge (without print)
    Size for 2 persons around 160 €.
    The turquoise one or the potiron are very nice colors. :flowers:
  3. How about two mugs? Or two cups and saucers? That should be OK for under USD 300.
  4. You can also get two wine glasses from Cristol St. Louis (owned by Hermes) for $150 per glass.

    Or you can get the guy a tie ($145) and the lady a forcat lime chain necklace ($80)
  5. Great idea for passing the links Kou
  6. I want to check out the forcat lime necklace on Saturday do you pronounce it??? Since I have to ask them for it I don't want to pronounce it wrong.:shame: TIA :sweatdrop:
  7. I'm not sure how to pronounce it either but here's the SKU#: 100509B 00.

    I know they have them at SCP. When all fails, definitely bring the SKU#, the name, and print out one of the pictures I posted for that in the Members Reference Thread. I think that will do the trick.:yes:
  8. get a birkin and give them the big orange box. lol
    but seriously, those boxes are great for holding pictures (or negatives), unwanted wedding gifts, all the cash they receive, etc. etc. really, the possibilities are endless. and as your friends, they will just be so delighted and happy that you are happy (with the bag).
  9. Thanks Kou, I'll do that. I just hate pronouncing words wrong and then they give you "the Look" you know the one that says "imbecile, how dare you shop at Hermes and not know how to speak French" :lol: OK, that's an exaggeration but... :P
  10. I ALWAYS butcher the pronounciation, but I attempt it, and my SA will pronounce it correctly for me - it's like a French Lesson! I did French at school, but now I have baby-brain, it's all gone out the window. I always tell her I'm going to say it with an Aussie accent, and she MAKES me say whatever it is so she can have a chuckle!! It's quite funny!

    My fave is ROUGE sounds SO silly!