hermes for $6.60

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  1. Popped into the Kinokuniya bookstore in midtown today and found a "Brand Mall Mini" dedicated to hermes. It's a very small catalog of Hermes stuff. Smaller than a paperback book, and basically the same as other Japanese magazines about Hermes, like the Super Collection, but since this one is so small, there is almost no advertising pages, just a concise collection of every bag (i think) currently available from hermes, plus some jewelry, scarves, accessories, etc. very yummy.
  2. I have this! I have it in my purse all times.... Great little book to carry around.
  3. :censor: Why don't we have these books here in Europe ??
  4. you must. is there no japanese bookstore anywhere?
  5. I've never heard of a Japanese bookstore here in Rome, but I'll definately try and find out...Thanks Hiheels!!:biggrin:
  6. Duna,

    In order to give you an idea what it looks like, typ in the link below where you can find a copy of cover of the book (it's the orange cover, obviously)

    Good luck in finding it!
  7. HiHeels, that is the one I have too, I can't get into the city these days so I had mine shipped to me from an eBay seller. I love that it has the dimensions for all the sizes for birkin/kelly/bolide, etc. :flowers:
  8. oh this is the one you got? was it a fair price on ebay? it is great for dimensions, general bag designs, and prices even - but the bigger issues sometimes have a few pictures of people holding the bags, which is the very best. i love this little size though - very fun.
    duna, look around, because a japanese bookstore is your best chance. maybe even there is a japanese general store that also sells periodicals and books, they might carry something like this.
  9. I have this, too! I spend my time converting the yen to AUD:lol: !!

  10. I paid a premium not realizing at the time, the mini catalog was $12 plus s/h from Singapore. :cry:

    Still waiting for the large Hermes catalog in the mail.... it is like the Hermes Super Collection, but it's in Chinese (2005). eBay item 7034731308. I saw a few sample pages on there and I was positively hooked. Now, I'm SURE I paid too much but no matter, this will satiate my Hermes thirst for the time being, if I haven't reached saturation point already at PF!!:smile:
  11. Rainrowan, I purchased that same catalog last year. It's absolutelly great. I wish there were a more recent edition available. I also wish I read Chinese as I'm sure there's so much useful information in there that I'm missing.

  12. my dh paid $40 twice, for 2 separate super collection mags. totally worth it, imo - they last forever (the prices might not be relevant, but the bags are the bags, you know).
  13. Of course, it so not a surprise that Hermes ladies have copies of this super handy book!
  14. Kristie, I can't believe that we were both talking about the same book in the thread in which you introduced yourself!!:lol:
  15. Hi tokyogirl!!

    I have this book (DH just bought it back for me on his trip to Japan) and I have the large "Super import brand - Hermes Perfect Book" - DH calls them my bibles!!!:biggrin:

    I love the pics of people carrying their bags - it's really helpful when deciding what size to get!!