Hermes Footwear

  1. Do you wonderful PFers go up a size or down a size with Hermes? Have you found Hermes to be true to size or like many other brands, run a tad small?
  2. I'm usually a 36 in shoes and wear a 36.5 in Hermes shoes. :smile:
  3. Greentea, those are some teeny feet you're standing on there! I have yet to try Hermes shoes... saw some delish ones on Luxury Zurich's site not long ago...
  4. They do run a tad small. Although my feet seem to still be growing. I'm normally 38.5 and go up to a true 39. I've only purchased the sandals.
  5. With my experience, it really depends on the cut of the shoes.  I have Hermes shoes running from 35, 35.5, 36 to 36.5!!??  For the loafers, some sandals, moccasins, heels, I usually need 35.5 however on occasion 35 also works (I am normally a 35.5 I think depending on the brand).  However for the Quick trainers, they run small, so I have brought 36 to 36.5!  Hope this helps.
  6. They run small for my feet. I take a size larger in Hermes than Ferragamo, or Gucci.
  7. I love H shoes....I am an 8 - 8.5 in footwear, but seem to wear an 8 in Hermes. This is for flats and boots. I'm going with true size.
  8. I have a pair of Quick shoes and I have to get a half size bigger than what I usually wear.
  9. true to size...except smaller!...haha just kiding... the shoes fit very well, if you wear manolo...get the same size, if you wear gucci... get a bigger size.
  10. I never tried on a pair of Hermes shoes :shocked:
  11. The flat loafers are amazingly comfortable:P ...the 90inch heels are hell!:shocked:
  12. REally??? I only wear heels,.. . even in bikini's??!!!:yes: :lol:

  13. yes, 90 inch heels are quite steep!! :P
  14. OK - this is embarrassing, but as a 5'9" gal, I usually wear an even US9....but when trying on Hermes FLATS (believe it or not) I had to go to a 41!!! :shame: My foot is a little wide, but I don't have to typically buy wide shows.

    The redeeming part about this, however, is 41s are usually available at their sales since it's a giant size. :P
  15. So if I normally wear 37 in the lower cost brands but 37.5 in Louboutin and Chanel a 39 in Hermes would be way too large? It's a flatish (1 inch heel) boot without zipper, just pull on.