Hermes first-timer looking for some help =)

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  1. Hi ladies :cutesy:

    I have been a Chanel/LV girl and know next to nothing about Hermes bags besides the fact that they cost a bomb and the waitlists for the Birkins are closed :shame: But I think they are gorgeous absolutely TDF!! and I always drool at the sight of those croc skinned Birkins i see on ebay.. lol

    I am hoping to get a pre-loved (but good condition) Hermes Birkin (30 cm) or Kelly (32 cm) but those on ebay all look the same to me :shrugs:

    Would be so grateful if you could paste any links to authentic Birkin (30cm) or Kelly (32cm) here if you happen to chance upon some :tender:I do not have a particular color preference but I am not that fond of blue :shame:

    Also, anyone has any advise where I could find pre-loved Birkin/Kelly bags besides ebay? :love:

    Thank you so much for putting up with my nonsense! lol :lol::flowers:
  2. Check out the Hermes Shopping subforum. One of the regular tPFer, Japster, posts links to fabulous finds in the ebay/online finds thread.
  3. Bienvenue! There's also a list of resellers and consignment shops that sell pre-owned bags.