Hermes first handbag purchase

  1. Hi there...I am looking to purchase my first Hermes handbag and I so love the Birkin...but with a daughter in college I can't afford it...What woud be a good Hermes starter bag that is within the $3,000 to $5,000 price range(or less)...

    Thanks in advance
  2. The LINDY! I am in LOVE with this bag. It is my fav bag Hermes makes and I have tried them all. Right now you can buy a 30cm for right around $4700 (before tax). They are fairly ez score depending on where you live.
  3. Within that price range you can find a used Kelly in very, very nice condition. Perfect!
    Also great will be a Bolide.
    Sometimes you can also find a used Birkin in the price range of ca. USD 5K
  4. You also might want to consider the Massai. Which is a bit less at right around $2900 for a PM size (before tax), This bag is a GREAT everyday bag and fits just right under your arm and can hold ALOT! Make sure if you like the look of this bag, to try it on BEFORE you buy. This bag just doesn't work on some people but I love it.
  5. The prices I was quoting are for in store buys for brand new bags. However buying used is an option also as Hello pointed out!
  6. Thanks to each of you for the ideas....Where would I find topnotch used Hermes should I choose this route? also what do you think of the VictoriaII or the Picotin?
  7. I personally love the Victoria F/T (is that the same as the Victoria II). You can carry the bag on your shoulder and it can be dressed up or down. For your first H bag, you should have the full experience of buying it new in the store.
  8. I'm really a fan of the Victoria as well. I like that you can carry it on your shoulder. It's a practical and great looking bag.
  9. I agree that you sould have the full experience of buying in store your first bag. At least go check it out and try on a few bags and learn what they are all about (that is if you have an H store close by). Most of all.... take your time in finding the perfect bag. The hunt is part of the fun! Post in the "Authenticate this" thead if you do deciede to go to reseller.
  10. I think I would wait to get the bag I really wanted!
  11. a massai! love it! but honestly you should go to the store and try them all on and see what suits you and makes your heart sing. you never know until you try them! good luck!
  12. You can buy a great bag in that price range!!!!!

    I agree with everyone-the Victoria or Massai! Both are timeless.
  13. A vintage Kelly, or a bolide--check out the Ode to the Bolide thread. You could definitely pick up a new bolide from a reseller in your price range.

    My first bag was a picotin, and my second was a bolide. I would say that I've found the bolide more versatile.
  14. I definitely would recommend trying on bags in your local H boutique before buying anything--no matter where you ultimately end up buying.
    Sometimes a style seems like it's going to be perfect for you, and then you try it on and it just doesn't work on you for some reason or the other.

    For instance, the Victoria FT was my one big must-have for this fall season, because I really wanted a shoulder bag that wasn't tiny. After a good amount of waiting, though, it finally arrived in my store only for me to discover that it doesn't fit well on *my* shoulder, so I had to pass it up. I kept trying on a ton of bags on separate visits, and finally ended up with an Evelyne II in the GM size. I would never have thought that was the bag I would be getting for fall, but it just worked for the purpose I had in mind.

    edited: there is *one* seller on eBay who routinely sells preowned Birkins in the $5000 range, by the way, and they are authentic. If you have any questions about a particular listing or seller, please feel free to post them to the Authenticate This thread.
  15. Thanks to each of you for your suggestions...and I think you are right my first Hermes handbag should be new...Now please give me your opinions regarding the Herbag and the Victoria II.. I might purchase one of each...First being the Herbag..since according to the SA has been discontinued and what is in stock is all that remains...