Hermes fingerless gloves

  1. Does anyone know if Hermes makes fingerless gloves?
  2. they do -- i almost bought some!
  3. ^^ What material were they? Did they have any metal on them? YAY!!!
  4. I love fingerless gloves. I have two pair I purchased in Scotland 15 years ago.

    Can we get some pictures??
  5. ^^ITA- would love some pics!
  6. There were some at my H store ages ago - like a barenia colour on the palms, and "knitted" cream on the bak - like traditional driving gloves. They were with all the equestrian gear.
  7. sorry -- i don't think i saved the pix they sent me. they were leather and laced up the back of the hand but stayed partially open and had a spectator feel to them. they were also bright pink. :nuts:
  8. OMG ^^^^

    They sound so dreamy!!! My sailing gloves look awful these days and I thought maybe Hermes could satisfy my quirks with some!!! Do you remember how much they were?
  9. not bad -- it was the february sale in one of the stores, and they were about $250, i think.

    they might still have them in storage with the off-season merchandise.
  10. Holy smokes that is much less than I expected! Maybe I need two pairs?! Thanks DQ!! You're the best!!!!!
  11. i just called -- they'll be available again at the sale in july, and they will put them aside for me if you want! do you know your glove size?

  12. 7 in regular gloves. Do you know if fingerless would be different sized? OMG you are beyond words woman!! :heart::yahoo:
  13. happy to enable, gazoo! i think the fit is less important in the fingerless ones -- since there's less to fit.
  14. ladies ... I need some help here. What is a fingerless glove?:push:
  15. Just the palms and back of hand is leather. The tips of your fingers are free. I like them because I find it easier to grip things, etc when wearing them yet I still stay warm.