Hermes Fine Jewelry repair/polish?


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Jan 18, 2006
Has anyone taken their white or rose gold Hermes fine jewelry to their favorite local jeweler for polishing or repair (I.e. if a pave diamond was lost)?

My pieces are in need of a polish to remove some light scratching. I’ve also wondered what I would do if a pave diamond fell out. Hence my question...


Oct 25, 2012
I have a white gold kelly bracelet that I purchased via resale. The turn lock was tight. It as a very good purchase price and i estimated a repair cost would still bring the price well below US retail. H fine jewelry just doesn’t hold its value as well as VCA or Cartier.

I brought it to my local H for repair. Due to the diamonds, it had to be sent to Paris. Any fine jewelry with diamonds requires 6 months. That didn’t bother me. I wanted H to review it as they might repair due to defect and/or I didn’t want to void any future repair that might need to be done. My thought was if they hold that standard with their bags, they may do so with jewelry. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know.

I should get it back next month and will report back...

Probably doesn’t help your exact situation but thought I’d chime in...

I say send to H if there is a unique closure like a Kelly turn lock that may require H specialty.
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Jan 15, 2011
Hmmm I polish my own jewelry, but unlike a bag I would not have a problem with a jeweler polishing my H pieces, considering what H charges for this kind of thing. However, if I lost a diamond that would be a hard call.