Hermes fever

  1. Before I came to this threat I had some vintage Hermes bags and just bought a bolide (I'm in love with my bolide), I looked at all of your suggestions (eBay/website fans) and oh oh I have been shopping, very naughty. I bought the Croc green Kelly, the blue picotin and the little suede Kelly clutch from Jewelz (how nice she is). I received them 2 days ag and completely in love:smile:. Also on it's way (after the wires will complete) is a Birkin from Sandiaexchange and a Etoupe Kelly... well for now that should be it ... (I hope :smile:) Thanks for the great advice, I'm sooo happy to have these beautiful bags.
  2. Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun!! Congratulations and please share some pictures and let us see your babys!
  3. How wonderful! Oblige us with a family photo soon?

    Your story is so familiar :whistle:

    You should know that it's a long term fever, sometimes mild, sometimes hot, and sometimes getting you into a fit. :sweatdrop:
  4. I agree! You must be so excited....please, do post some modeling pics for us and congratulations!
  5. sounds like you do have the fever!! Enjoy your goodies!
  6.'ve been busy. Enjoy your wonderful new bags.
  7. you have some wonderful treasures!! enjoy and be sure to post pics as I'd love to see the croc green Kelly...sounds divine!!
  8. Hi Ladies, thank you !!! I will post some pictures in action, if I only could find the battery charger and the cord to my computer, my kids make everything go disappear :smile:. I see I made an error I bought a croc Kelly sport (so not a Kelly) and it is sooooo cute.

    thanks again
  9. Wow - you are on a roll! Good for you!
  10. wow! congrats for all the new bags!! :party:

    o/t: why everyone's avatar is showing cats lately?
  11. Wow, congratulations! pics, pics, pics!!!:party:
  12. sounds like you've been having fun purchasing all those bags! lol! congrats, pleease share pics when u can :drool:
  13. Wow instant family! Super congratulations!!
  14. Still can't find the cord to my computer (my husband blames me for losing, but I'm sure I had given it to him, it is around somehwere:smile:

    so no photo in action YET, but here are a couple I have from when I was buying them :smile:

    My Bolide is Havana, the etoupe Kelly is on its WAY!!!! and will arrive tomorrow and then I'm still awaiting for the gold birkin, ohoho :smile:
    crockelly.jpg picotin.jpg mini kelly.jpg twocolorkelly.jpg
  15. Whoa!!! What a family!! Congrats & Enjoy!!