Hermes, Fendi spy bags and Choe at

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  1. You should see the new selection on Bluefly. They have incredible new bags at a discount. I still can't afford the $5,000.00 for a Hermes, but I'm sure someone else can.

  2. Are they real? Or really good fake?
  3. they are real. that is a reputable site.

  4. I used to think the same thing about Bluefly. But, unfortunately, they have sold a few fakes. Now, I'm kinda nervous about buying from them.
  5. How do you know that? I find that hard to believe. I'm not saying you are lying, I just think it's a really reputable site.

  6. They had a bad batch of Balenciaga (I am one who purchased a fake one). Since then, I have purchased several bags from them (one being a Fendi spy) and they have all been 100% authentic! They probably stopped purchasing from that vendor.
  7. I also got a fake Balenciaga from Bluefly & they had a few fake Chloes they sold (1 or 2 to PF'ers, I remember the posts..) Several of us contacted them & they did nothing about. Even put them back up for sale after we returned them.. You can search through the old posts. There are a ton of them about this.
  8. I bought Fendi handbag and Fendi shoes and they both turned out to be authentic. The bag I got from them about a yr ago and I just bought the shoes several mths ago. I'm sorry for others who have encountered counterfeits from BF but so far my experiences have been great.
  9. I've also bought lots of things from Bluefly including handbags. So far I've had good luck and all has been authentic.
  10. If you do a search, you'll see several threads on the Bluefly fiasco.
  11. It's true- there have been a few incidents where members have purchases bags from Bluefly and they were obvious fakes (Balenciaga and Chloe in particular). When confronted, Bluefly completely waffled and would not accept responsibility for it. So buyer beware!
  12. I've heard from many people about fakes on Blufly. I wouldn't buy from them.
  13. I know someone who purchased a Fendi bag from bluefly and it was a fake. This was a couple months ago.
  14. wow! i'm soooo shocked! i had NOOOO idea that bluefly had sold fake items! CRAZY! i'm glad i read this thread!!
  15. This ugly fake was sold to me as a guaranteed authentic Chloe paddington for $1200 by Bluefly: