HERMÈS & Femininity

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  1. Does HERMÈS make you feel more feminine? I just received a click clack bracelet in the mail and have to say I feel so girly with it on my wrist. The bangles were too clunky, the leather bracelet too casual - but this is perfection.

    I know the handbags all make me feel more feminine (especially the Kelly!). Even the casual Birkin feels fantastic swinging from my arm. Does HERMÈS do this for you ladies?

    No other brand has ever done this to me.
  2. Why do you feel more comfortable in this style? Less bracelet on the wrist?
  3. Congratulations! I love my clic clac too. I have always been 'girly' girl, H does not make me feel any more feminine but it makes me feel more 'polished'.

    The Chanel reissue does the same....
  4. i think, for me, it's not the style so much as the luxury of it - has a princess-y effect.
  5. It doesn't seem to bang around or move around as much. It is very "low profile" to the wrist. For example if holding the baby with an enamel bangle on you feel the bangle digging into your arm. With this piece it is flush against the skin. Probably because it is more oval than round.
  6. Oh I know just what you mean, Rose! That's why of all the bags I sold, I kept the Chanel Reissue!!!! I love that bag!!!!!

    Gazoo I def think Hermes makes me take more pains to be more "polished" before I head out the door. No other brand ever did that except for Chanel......
  7. I think Hermes is very good at the understated elegance yet practicalness in the function of the bags. I know the Birkin is very famous these days, but it really isn't a "flashy bag".

    The clothing too seems beautiful. I've only ever tried on sweaters and shoes but they were beautiful in the details inside and out.
  8. Yes! Exactly what I look for in all things:yes:
  9. Hi Gazoo!

    YES, totally! Especially the Kelly. There's something about slipping it over my forearm that makes me feel so Princess Grace-ey!!!! My H belts make me feel very stylish and modern luxe chic. The scarves make me feel very ladylike. The Birkins make me feel stylish, "in the know," feminine, and it all reaffirms that I have fabulous taste! (at least, in my own mind, lol).

    Silly, maybe, that a handbag can do ALL that for me, but thank goodness for H is all I can say to that. Not all of us are size 2 models, fabulously wealthy, or celebrities...but we can have H!!!:heart:
  10. ^^^ Amen!
  11. I agree! But.....I don't think it's the handbag or the H brand that is *doing it for me* but, rather, Hermes is emphasizing that *something* that is already in me....be it the Lady, be it the Princess....whatever it is, Hermes just emphasizes it.

    I see that in you other Ladies, too.
  12. YES!! I feel the same way! Besides the bags, the scarves are very feminine and luxe!
  13. I'm with Greentea, the bags, scarves, bracelets...they are all very luxe/feminine! Which is good for me, because I'm a long time former tomboy who is now a total girly girl :biggrin: And as Rose said, it does make one feel more polished!
  14. I have the exact clic clac and love the color! Congrats!!! And yes...I just love having H items - they make me feel classy and special I guess. Even last summer riding the motorcycle with dh - I would admire my H bracelet and still felt special not matter where or what I do - I know I always generally have something H - bag or jewelry or scarf...
  15. I'm the opposite! I choose the bits and pieces from Hermes that are non-girly or feminine as they have the most appeal for me. I'm not really very girly and I love the clean classic look of the leather accessories and the strong almost masculine styling of some of their accessories. The girliest things I own are the scarves but even with these I tend to go for plainish or darker, neutral designs. It's great that Hermes can attract every taste. Even my Kelly has a straightforward, no-nonense look about it - like a stylish briefcase almost, could be the larger size (35cm) and the neutral gold leather perhaps. I think I feel luxurious rather than feminine. I even prefer the Hermes men's fragrances like equipage although I have recently fallen in love with the paprika/brazil Hermessence.